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Pictures too dark on iPad

When I browse pics for instance on the ‚following‘ page, but also on no matter which other page with several pics on it, they appear too dark. When I click on one to open it, on the individual page it appears in its normal brightness. This only happens when I am using the iPad. I think it is the same look you get to see on a computer when you‘re with the mouse over a pic to see the informations. Am I the only one observing this problem? All pics look badly processed 🙁 I wrote this on ‚report a bug‘-page too, but don‘t know if anybody read my message since I didn‘t get any reaction.


Lido I've seen it too. On ipad, all photos are darker. It does not bother me.

jazzie Now you changed it to a dark-to-light-gradient. It is adding a cool effect to some pics. I understand that it is because of the readability of the white information text on light pics.

Ian Prince Argh, not great with white minimalistic pics :(

jazzie mhm. Such as my pic of yesterday 😛

Paweł Kadysz We'll try to think of something else, but it's not a critical bug, just design issue.

Ian Prince No worries, and I understand how it's not easy to find a solution to overlay text on arbitrary photos...