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Looking for advice; trip in US

Dear Tookapic’ers. Probably I am going to spend some time again in US this summer (July) as my husband is working on some project in Kentucky. Could you please advise me what is worth to visit in reasonable distance from Louisville (not more than 500 miles). We should have ca 14-17 days. As far as I remember @Margie lives in this part of US, maybe someone else? Any tips for visiting this part of US in summer are more than welcome.


Rafal The Big South Fork National River
Lexington (horse land) - second biggest city in Kentucky
Mammoth cave
Land between the Lakes
These are my first ideas, I wasn't there but I was asked to find a places in West Virginia and i found these places, but to my friends it was to far from Wirginia. You will have much closer.

Magda Ko Rafał thank you for ideas. I will have a look at it. Sounds great!

Margie You will be deep in the heart of horse county with rolling fields and white fences and gorgeous horses. I have never been to Mammoth Cave but @Rafal recommends it and I think it is a big deal. You should put Nashville Tennessee on your list. I have never been there either but people love it. Like the LA music center of the east. Home to country music but much more. To the east are beautiful mountain sites such as Ashville, NC. There isn't the drama in the Applachians that you saw out west. They are older and not as rocky but still very pretty. I actually am within 500 miles!! I live in Canton, Ohio which is an hour south of Cleveland, Ohio which is situated on Lake Erie. I know you like culture and Cleveland is great with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, great art museum, Playhouse Square, and the world class Cleveland Symphony. They might be playing at Blossom Music Center in the summer which is an outdoor area, highly recommended. Cincinnati is located just across the Ohio River from Kentucky and has many interesting and cultural things. If you venture into Ohio, there is an area that I think you would find interesting. Amish and centered around Millersburg. Anther way of life and I can give you more info if you wish. You are very welcome to come here as well. Canton doesn't have any particular big time attractions, other than me of course.:))

Magda Ko Margie thank uou for all tips. Ohio looks tempting. Jacek is back from Kentucky this Sunday so we should decided if I join him this summer. What weather can we expecr this time of the year? Not too hot and humid? So excited about planning even if we can not make it. It would be so cool to meet you in person. Thanks again.

Jennifer I don't have a lot of advice for Kentucky, having never been there, but I hope you have a lovely time! I'm up in Boston, so not much help this time :)

Magda Ko would be great to come back to east coast one day. Boston MA is on my list :)

Václav Vančura Boston is great :)

Dana Lightman Should you ever visit Philadelphia, I’d be delighted to be your guide.

Marcin K. Aaah! Philadelphia is a beautiful city! Full of history of US with great looking neighborhoods.

Magda Ko Dana thank you so much, maybe one day I knock your door :)

ponzu Did the trip happen?

I don't know Kentucky from the Moon, but my advice for any place where you are going to be spending two weeks would be to find and document "little things". Something that even locals don't notice or take for granted around the place. On day one, you will see some such things. On day two, you will see more, different things. By the end of the trip, you will see yet more little details. I think :)

Magda Ko Thanks @ponzu. We decided to skip summer holiday in this area. My husband was happy to come back home after such hot days in Kentucky. He is going to come back there , so I still might join him latere this year.