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Private profile

I have one question. Is here some option like private profile? I mean the possibility that not logged person can't see photos on user's wall (in case that person don't has an account on Tookapic). I don't see anything like this in settings so it probably doesn't exist, but maybe I just can't find it so just asking.


Paweł Kadysz We've had that on the roadmap for quite some time. We could add 3 privacy levels:

- Public (anyone can view your profile)
- Non-public (only signed in users can view your profile)
- Private (Tookapic account required, and you'll need to approve follow requests, just like on Instagram or Twitter)

Of course to access Non-public and Private profiles no Tookapic subscription would be required, just the account.

What do you think?

Jan Buchta Sounds great. Much more options than I expected it could be :)

For me it's ok if login is required to view others profiles (yep, just account, not subscription). One step ahead, approving requests to follow to view profiles sounds interesting as well.

Where is it on the roadmap? I mean when is it possible to implement this?

Magda Ko Paweł any chances to have just selected picture "private" not whole account?

Viola Qniej or eg a whole year?

Michal Wieclawski it's a good idea but without a private profile, it doesn't make sense for me. I don't want to share my private photos with others. What is the purpose of a private gallery when all photos from that gallery are visible for everyone?

Paweł Kadysz Private profiles are on the to-do list.

Łukasz I'm waiting for that as well. 👍 An option to limit visibility to logged in users would be enough for me personally.