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Photo books...

Hiya everybody ! I do hope you are all fit and that this crisis isn't too hard on you ?! I've been tidying up a load of things while being stuck at home and lately I went through my tookapic photo albums. Will there be a chance of making albums again Pawel ?? I would really love to complete my albums. I got to 700 photos and now I'm at 1452, so I've got more than 700 photos to print out in albums !! Let me know if I'm the only one who loves albums... and, Pawel, let me know if it will be possible to do them again or not. Take care all of you great tookapicers ! x


Marta Tomaszewska Yes, I'm also thinking about 365 photobook. I think I have all photos collected (or almost) - so I can probably can use any service available, but is there any option to get export of all descriptions?

sylwiatka I find the option of having the photos with the description EXCEPTIONAL , not just a simple print. I would love to have it both, pic and description. I wouldn't waste time of doing that twice.

gerlos +1 for photos with captions!

tigg A similar site I belonged to, blipfoto, used to produce wonderful books with all the text I had written. One day a page, no editorial work from me at all. It was an amazing diary. I did my first two years then they stopped producing it which was a huge shame. I would love a platform that could come along and take all the data and voilà! It would so be worth the money.

Paweł Kadysz Photobooks are coming back. We should start testing the editor this week.

Kateli Great news !! Thanks so much Pawel !!

Magda Korzewska Great, if you need a tester... I am goint to create and print 2 different.

Marta Tomaszewska Great news! With descriptions, yes? please? :D I can also test it if needed, I'm good at creating bugs :D

120mr ♥ !

Paweł Kadysz @Magda, besides testing the editor I need to print a couple of test books to see if the quality is still as good as it was before.

@Marta no descriptions, sorry. The books will look exactly like the old ones:

The new editor I designed was too advanced for our team to implement and we've actually wasted few months trying to make it work. 😢

So the photo book editor will look and feel just like the old one. The only difference is that it will be optimized and usable for people with 500+ photos.