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Screen calibration

Hi, I have a question. Since few weeks I've started to learn Lightroom. And all would be great, but colours on my monitor are not same as on my Samsung phone. I guess many of you are more advanced than me... How did you solve this problem?


Marta Tomaszewska After many years of workarounds I've finally bought a monitor with 99% coverage of AdobeRGB and 100% of SRGB that support hardware calibration and x-rite i1 display pro 😉

Depending on kind of monitor you can try to adjust settings (does it have srgb colorspace?) to have it look similar to samsung. I've made it with the reference card and jpg file from my lab. You can try with calibration with spyder or similar cheaper calibrator - for me it somehow worked even for old laptops. I just needed to remember that everything looks colder there 😉

I used to say that mobiles are quite good reference for colors but it's not always true - I've compared my S9 to my friends S8 and we had different results. So be careful with wanting it to be like on the phone 😉

Rafal Color Checker makes it properly. Just take a picture of color checker plate and try to establish the best colours on your LIGHTROOM. If you wish to print it as your lab about colour informations

Łukasz Brożek To be honest I would say that phones are not good reference point in terms of colors accuracy.

At work we compared every phone we had (about 15 phones from the same series and every different one colleagues had) with reference monitor and results were surprising how colors are processed on phones - they were sometimes too vibrant, sometimes too bright, contrast and color shift was different on every phone.

Since I started tookapic project for about 3 years I used to use gaming laptop with TN screen (without calibration) to edit my own photos. I compared results few times with calibrated monitor at work and noticed that brightness and colors were slightly off, but I didn't mind it. It was not that big difference. For me for Internet use it was good enough.
But after that comparison I had in mind that sometimes my photos can be little too dark so I learnt how to use Lightroom Histogram to check my edits.