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A blast from the past

Hi all! I've got almomst 3-year-long break from Tookapic, but now I've figured out it's time to get motivated again and do something creative. Hopefully 4th project boosts my energy :). Any of the old dogs still here?


Artur Łobocki I'm still here (former "artlobo").
It's cool you're back 😀

Hanna Gawrychowska I'm still here (Hanna G.).
It's great that you are coming back.

Kateli Still here. Great to know you're back. 😊

vera I'm here again, and again, and again...🤗

Ian Prince Welcome back Anita!

jazzie still there... welcome back! 😃

agnieszka bladzik good to see you back :)

Anita Miszczyk Thanks guys! Nice to know so many of you kept the project all these years!!

Marta Tomaszewska Sometimes I think it's harder to stop than to continue :D Welcome back :)

Viola Qniej hellooooo! still here :)

Justyna Bem Anita nice to meet you :)

tigg I still feel like a new one here, but started August 2015 so I guess I am one of the "old dogs" too.

Maciek Korsan Yep, still here :D