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120mr Tak! Tak na zdjęcie. A na wszystko inne <hug>

Ian Prince Hello my dear friend, happy to see you here again! I'm very sorry to hear you've been having a tough time, I really hope things take a turn for the better, you are so generous and talented, you deserve a lucky break! And what a fabulous self-portrait, the best one I've seen for a long time. One of my favorite photos of myself is one you took of me on my balcony at home with your Mju, remember that?

Kazziz Sure I do! Good to hear back from You as well, my friend. It's gonna be okay.

v agnès All my best thoughts🍀 In French one says ‘make your back round till the storm has gone through’ so I wish you stand up very soon. Happy to see you on Tooka this morning!

Marta Tomaszewska Just a small idea: maybe it's possible to left all those past photos behind and just go further from today? :) Not so many people is writing here and it was nice to read you. And tookapic is a nice place, maybe it's good to be here in hard times especially? Even not every day?

Keeping fingers that everything in your live will come back on its place. Somebody said me recently that every progress comes after regress. All the best!

Kazziz It's always been a struggle for me, to "leave behind". >Odpuszczanie<

Let it go, let it go...

Marta Tomaszewska It's only the matter what you really want to do :) you'll find the way :)

Hanna Gawrychowska nice to see you here again - good luck

agnieszka bladzik ja trzymam kciuki! no i wracaj wez

Jan Pinkosz Jeszcze nigdy nie było żeby jakoś nie było, i póki życie trwa wszystko zdarzyć się może. Uszy do do góry! 🙂🍀

Michael Gatton Classic look!

Michał I feel for you. It must be better though! And as for the photography, how about posting your SOOC photos? No need for LR then ;)

Kazziz once You've stepped into development, it's hard to accept sooc photos...

Artur Łobocki 3m się Jacek 🤜

Perkosia Ach te zmiany. Boimy się ich, jak diabeł święconej wody. Po latach, zmieniamy perspektywę i nieraz dziękujemy losowi za niespodziewany dar. Powodzenia, cokolwiek ma się wydarzyć, niech będzie dobre.

Kazziz Święta prawda :) Dziękuję! To mądre słowa.

Nutt Welcome back... and hang in there. All this too will pass, one minute, one hour, one day at a time. And remember, always: you’re not alone 🤗

bizon Welcome back :3
Remember that every rough while will finally pass and after months or years you maybe gonna look on this pic and think "it was worth living through" :)
Congrats on the job inteview!
Będzie dobrze :D

myno Keep going on Kazziz, we need you and your pictures on tooka!!

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