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jayce Fun pic ! Be brave Satoshi for this difficult challenge

vera I also wish you courage for this operation! I'm sure the result is worth it ;-)

Satoshi T I will challenge! thanks @jayce and @vera !

jokele Good luck, Satoshi! Creative image :)

jazzie Good luck, Satoshi!

Alek Jedliński Looks scary! Good luck Satoshi, hope everything goes well!

Rafał Bolko Little bit disturbing photo:) Good luck, Satoshi!

Grace good luck! hope all goes well

Ian Prince Ouch! Good luck Satoshi :)

Magda Korzewska I keep my fingers crossed for You.

Urszula Stachowicz Like from horror movies, brr! Good luck! :)

Katrina Yu I heard it's a long procedure! I guess, beauty is indeed pain, but for better teeth we must endure :D :D Gambatte!

m_rudziewicz You've got weird dental drills there in Japan ;) Good luck Satoshi!

Satoshi T Haha it is my carpentry drill :) Thanks @m_rudziewicz !

Danuta Difficult moments before you, I wish a lot of courage, hold bravely ... Good luck Satoshi !!!

noun WAW! Good luck! I wish you less pain as it's possible!

KarolinaZT Looks very scary 😱 good luck! Get well as soon as it possible!!!

Michał Ouch! Perhaps if you grit your teeth, it won't hurt much ;)

Satoshi T Everyone, really thank you. My first surgery finished successfully (but I need surgery more 2 times),now a metal screw was embedded in the bone.If I have a chance, I introduce X-ray pic. Now I am waiting for the recovery of the wound while eating yoghurt and jelly while analgesia. :)

Ron Dadoo Haaaaaaa! no!

120mr Scary! !

Kazziz Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

tania Happy you're all right !

Rose This picture reminds me of "Marathon man" movie with Dustin Hoffman, you know it ?

Satoshi T Oh! this scene ! very similar image! I have not seen this movie yet but want to see it! Thanks @Rose !

Rose Exactly yes ;) not sure you should see it now....

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