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Ian Prince Well done Satoshi, both for the repair and reaching 100! I would have guessed you were at many more! Glad to read you're continuing:)

Very cool photo btw!

Gabriela Jaworowska Działa...brawo...

tania Yes well done Satoshi ! Your project is great. I wish you lots of fun and pleasure for the next 100...

craig Well done Satoshi! I love your project!

Artur Łobocki Congrats!
Your project is very cool :)

Magda Korzewska Yoku yatta Satoshi-san

Satoshi T Arigato Magda!

egzist This is really happy 100th pic :) Congrats!

Cicérøn & Jamie D. Carrey bravo Satoshi ! :-))

tigg You established yourself very quickly in tookapic congratulations!

vera Happy that you continue! おめでとう!

Satoshi T ありがとう,vera!

Hanna Gawrychowska Congratulations
and super photo

Lilli S. Congratulations! And good luck continuing your project! Looking forward to seeing more :)

Bartłomiej Jacak Congratulations!

Ron Dadoo always a pleasure to discover your images

Balazs Silber Hehe, good machine!

Kevin Drum Wooohoooo way to go Satoshi!!!!

Satoshi T I wanted to use DDR2 memory amount 4GB, I installed 4 double-sided memories. It didn't work. I followed your advice, I reduce memory amount. It workd!
Then I reminded that single-sided memories are low risk in compatibility issues.
so I've found single-sided memories from my stock.
Finally, With all single-sided memories, It worked! :)

Aleksander Dębowski Congratulations, @Satoshi :) Well done! And I'm very glad that your computer works. It is good news. I wish you the next hundred photos and completion of the entire project.

Terry Artt Congratulations Satoshi on the 100 picture and it is good to see you have a healthy computer once more.

Roman Czarny And I join in the congratulations for your 100
But he went repair
And finally, thank you for the support you provide to us all

Luke Nicely done! Cool photo! I've done some computer repair too, and it can be equally frustrating and satisfying. Glad you ended on the latter :D

Satoshi T I have same feeling, Luke!

noun Great Satoshi! Congratulations! 100 beautiful pics! and a lot of very kind comments! I love your work, I love your comments. I wish you all the best for the next 265 pics!

Maciek Korsan well done ;)

Jon Scott Well done Satoshi. I enjoy looking at your work and having a glimpse into another part of the world.

Satoshi T on this site,I can enjoy photos from another part of the world!
Thank you Tookapic!

Jesse Lind Congraaaaaats!!!!

Satoshi T Thaaaaaaaanks! , Jeeesse!

Jesse Lind Your waaaaaaaaalcome #wut

Kasia Koćma very nice shoot! :)

Satoshi T Thank you very much @Dlugaj , sorry too late to reply.

jokele This one is great! Btw... The selfie cam oft your computer is quite big ;)

Satoshi T This big selfie cam is removable. and I'll also carry this anywhere! Thank you Jokele

Jakub Purej qbanez WOW! Cool pic :)

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