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Paweł Kropek Congratulations!

Bruce Thank you, Pawel! :-)

maggaglen Congratulations 👏

Bruce Thanks Maggaglen! :-)

eventide I want to congratulate to you wholeheartedly! Great photos (I think it's one of the best "365" photo I've seen here!), great project, great mostly everything! :D I hope we'll see next pics tomorrow, and that we'll have the opportunity to watch them for the long, long time :)
And now you can sing: :D

eventide And the perfect ending of the project - the penultimate pic is the photo of the day 👏 I hope this one will be also awarded!

Bruce Thanks so much Ev! Always nice to read your comments and your YouTube attachments :-) As Arnold says, "I'll be back!" :-)

jewels Congratulations!!!! Love, love, love the idea and the Swiss flag!

Bruce Thanks Jewels! I wasn't sure how it was all going to turn out but I managed somehow :-). For a laugh, if you look close, you can see the transparent tape sticking out on my numbers! *Cringes*. :-)

jewels Looking forward to seeing you here tomorrow!

Bruce No worries there - I can't let you get too far ahead of me :-)

jewels :-) :-) :-)

Krzysztof Maciejewski Great photos and all comments you are leaving here (yeah , multilingual too) show that you are great nd decent guy. So I hope (and it's surely not an isolated case), that you stay here much longer. Waiting for your next photos - there's a job to be done :-)

Bruce Thanks Krysztof! I'll be around for a while yet. :-)

craig Huge congratulations Bruce! Are you coming out to play tomorrow?

Bruce Thanks Craig! Asked and answered :-)

Marta Congratulations!😊 Wonderful idea for the 365th😊 It's a pleasure to admire your great photos every day,hope to see another one coming tomorrow😊

Bruce Thank you Marta! I guarantee you will see a photo :-).

Viola Kuniej gratulations, Bruce!

Bruce Thanks UV! I can't let you get too far ahead of me either, although your photo count is in the stratosphere!! :-)

GaaNamiko Congratulations! 🙂

Bruce Thanks Monika!! :-)

m sky Congratulations Bruce! 😍

Bruce Thank you M! Now we're both on our second year! :-)

Hanna Gawrychowska big big congratulations Bruce
beautiful project - especially I like your look at flowers, birds and all nature

Bruce Thanks so much Hanna! That's high praise coming from someone of your caliber :-)

tania Hey McGyver well done !! Love your style, your macros, your birds, your kindness, thanks a lot for everything here !

Bruce Hey Tania, I'm touched! Thanks so much for such a nice comment! :-)

Lido 👏👏👏👏👏Congratulations 👏👏👏👏👏💐

Bruce Thank you LIDO!!! :-) :-) :-)

robert_wisniewski Congratulations !!!

Bruce Thanks Robert!! :-)

Marta Kalina Bruce You did it! :D Huge Congratulations :D
The best summary of your project is of course Your photo number 356 but also phot from yesterday - photo of the day!
Great project, full of colours!
Hope to see you tomorrow - as usual! :)

Bruce Wow it took me 364 days to get Photo of The Day - talk about cutting it close! :-) Thanks so much Marta, hopefully our second years bring as much fun as our first :-). See you soon!! :-)

Etherliana Congratulations Bruce!!!
wonderful photo ending project!

Bruce Thanks so much! You're not too far behind :-)

KasiaM Congratulations Bruce :) :) superb ending photo :) hope to see you tomorrow or soon :D

Bruce Thanks so much Kasia! I’ll be here 😊😊

NatZ CONGRATULATIONS!! 🎉🎊 It is so good to see your photographs every day that I was afraid (like many others obviouly) that I would not see an other one tomorrow.
Thank you for your vision on the world through photography and kindness. Looking forward to see the next shot tomorrow.
Bravo pour ces 365 premiers jours 😊

Bruce Merci beaucoup Nathalie! I enjoy your photos as well... see you soon 😀😀

val Congratulations Bruce! Wonderful job!

Bruce Thanks Val!!! Hope your feet are better! 😊

Mamusia_Gosia Congratulations! 👏👏👏👍👍👍

Bruce Thank you!! :-)

pp1 Congratulations!!!(☆_☆)b ✨✨✨❁✹✺

Magda Korzewska Great anniversart picture! Congrats Bruce, great You achieved it!

Bruce Thanks so much, Magda! :-)

Comment was deleted

Bruce Thanks so much Beata! :-) You're next soon! :-) No rush!!! :-)

Karolina Mach Congratulations Bruce! Great project! 👏👏😆😊

Bruce Thanks Karolina! You are getting there too! :-)

Monika_msos Great and nice photo for anniversaries. We all love your pictures here. Keep it up and see you tomorrow!

Bruce Thanks for all your support and nice comments over the past few months, Monika! Mr. Nobody can't wait for his 365 too :-)

Jan Pinkosz Congratulations Bruce!

Bruce Thanks Jan! :-)

Weronika Congratulations Bruce ⭐

Bruce Thanks so much Weronika! :-)

Satoshi T Congratulations Bruce!!

Bruce Thanks, Satoshi! :-)

Magda Parkitna Congrats Bruce. Nice project.

Bruce Thanks so much, Magda! :-)

mathilde24 Félicitations

Bruce Merci beaucoup! :-)

Roman Czarny Congratulations
👏 👏 👏 👏 👏

Bruce Thanks Roman! I appreciate all your comments and likes over the past year :-)

vera Big congratulations Bruce!!! Beautiful project! I'm looking forward to see more! :)

Bruce Thanks Vera! It's hard to believe one year has gone by already.

Paweł Kadysz Thank you for being here. I'm glad you've already uploaded 366th ;)

Bruce Thanks Pawel :-).

v agnès Congratulations Bruce ! You'e done a great project ! Thank you for all your nice and supportive comments, in English as well as in French ;-) Nice to see you going on, all the best for your 2nd year.

Bruce Thanks so much Valérie :-). C'est le seul endroit où je peux pratiquer mon français, alors attendez-vous plus de commentaires cette année :-)

Karolina Oksiędzka Congratulations!! Work with pleasure for the next year and all of us will enjoy your amazing work :)!

Bruce Thanks Karolina .... I could say the same about your work :-). Year 2 here we come :-)

Krystian Łupieżowiec Congratulations 😁😁😁😁😁

Bruce Thank you! :-) :-)

Monika Fabcia Congratulations 👏👏

Bruce Thanks! :-) :-)

Ron Dadoo congratulations!! bravo bravo Br....uce!!

Bruce Merci beaucoup, Ron! :-)

littlehuman Great job! Congratulations! :)

Bruce Thanks so much! :-)

Edward Chang Congratulations!

Bruce Thanks! :-)

Zenon Drobiński Congratulations Bruce!

Bruce Thank you Zenon! :-)

Phillip Flores Yay! Congratulations!

Bruce Thanks, Phillip! :-)

Nutt Hey! Haven't been around much to comment these days so this is a bit late, but CONGRATULATIONS!!! So glad you've done your (first) year, and even more glad that you're not stopping! And great shot (but of course)!

Bruce Hey Nadia, thanks so much! You know how Tooka-addicted we all are so, no stopping yet :-)

Kateli Big congratulations !! And your comments are constructive and always supportive ! Glad you're continuing !!

Bruce Merci beaucoup, Kateli :-). We all need a little encouragement once in a while :-).

Anne I know, it's not so actual photo but I'm catching up a bit on tookapic today ;) Big congratulation to you! I really like this photo, letters you made are absolutely great and everything on this photo suits perfect :) About languages- I wrote it some time ago but I think yours attempts in using different languages are really nice and you're doing great with it! Congrats again! :))

Bruce Thanks so much Ann... I hope you are doing well 😊😊