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Kateli Oops... I missed my anniversary photo yet again !!!
5 whole years on Tookapic !! Incredible !
Not a day without a photo !!
Thanks @pawel Kadysz for creating such a wonderful community !!
I've learned so much !!
See you all tomorrow !

Marta Tomaszewska But you've got a beautiful landscape for that day! Happy you stay ❤

Kateli Thank you. I would have tried something a bit more artistic if I had known. 😉

Marta Tomaszewska You can do it for the first day of another year ;-)

Kateli True. I'm off on a photography outing today... hope I shoot something a bit out of the ordinary ?!?

Ingrid Smeets Congratulations!!

Kateli Thank you ! 😃

Zenon Drobiński Congratulations Kateli! It's so excellent achievement with so many beautiful, inspiring photos! 👏👏👏👏👏

Kateli Thank you ! 😊

myno Ouah tu prends du gallon ! Toujours aussi bien ton projet, j'aime la variété de tes sujets avec ta patte ma foi bien reconnaissable!! Bravo et à demain !

Kateli Thank you ! 😊
Et je suis heureuse d'avoir une patte bien reconnaissable. xxx

Margie Such lovely colors. Congratulations on your achievement!!!!

Kateli Thank you ! 😊

Hanna Gawrychowska Congratulations Kateli. Great photo at the end of 5th project

Kateli Thank you ! 😊

Dorka Congratulations!!! Your photos are amazing!!! I really like the way you look at the world and reality 😍😊👏😉

Kateli Oh ! What a kind comment ! Thank you so much !

Ian Prince Congrats Kat, five years is impressive! Yeah I miss the anniversary dates too!

Kateli Thanks Ian ! I'm not the only one then !! ;0)

Artur Łobocki Congratulations!!!

Kateli Thank you ! 😊

Maciek Korsan Congrats 🎉

Kateli Thank you !! 😊

Marta Congratulations on finishing year 5 of such a wonderful project! 👏😊

Kateli Thank you !! 😊

vera wow! Congratulations for the big and beautiful project photos!!! 🎺Tutututu tutu 🎶🥳

Kateli Thank you !! 😊 xxx

Dana Lightman Congratulations times five. So inspiring and impressive. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Kateli Thank you !! 😊xx

craig Congratulations Kate!

Kateli Thank you !! 😊

Jan Pinkosz A beautiful jubilee! 😍🏆 Congratulations! 👏👏👏

Kateli Thank you ! 😉

Michael Gatton Congratulations on another lovely year in pictures!

Kateli Thank you !! 😊

Iwona- shadoke Big congratulations! This is a great project ❤️💙❤️ Beautiful and positive 🔥💪🔥

Kateli Thank you so so much !!! 🙏🏻

120mr Nice colours! 5 years, congrats!

Kateli Thank you! 😉

Dorka 💜💙💜

Kateli Thank you! 😊

Phillip Flores Congratulations! What an achievement. Onward.

Kateli Thank you! On we go... 😉

Bartek Pielacha Congratulations! All your work is truly inspiring and gives a lot of positive energy 😃 Thank you!

Kateli Thank you so much !!!

slawomir Congratulations! : )

Kateli Thank you !! :0)

Aneczka Congratulations! Great photos, very inspiring!!

leszek55 Kat, thank you for your amazing photos, I look forward to them every day!

Kateli Aw, thank you so much. What a nice comment. 😊

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