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I know that I have asked Pawel about this through the helpdesk, but I wondered if anyone else had had difficulty buying a phonebook through this site? I have completed it, but can neither save nor add to cart. I am using Safari on my MacBook. If anyone else has had this problem and can help me move forward I would be most grateful to read your advice. Thanks

Started by tigg tigg on
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  • Paweł Kadysz

    We checked it and it looks like it works fine. I know this answer does not help you in any way. Can you please try different browser? Chrome or Firefox and let me know if the problem still exists?

    • tigg

      I suppose so, but that will mean working through and arranging the whole 365 photos again, won't it? Which is something I can do of course .... but spending 2 hours or so is a selfish luxury - which is why I'm only just doing my year 1!!!!


      • agnieszka bladzik

        don't think so, it keeps the book for very long time even if you will not add it to the cart

      • Paweł Kadysz

        Well, even if there is a bug, and even if we fixed it - you'd need to refresh the page to get new (and fixed) version of tookapic.

      • tigg

        I'm onto it! Downloaded Firefox - I used to love this when we were on windows - and it opened with a saved version so I'm half way there. Thank you SO much Pawel, you are a very caring host.

      • tigg

        Yes! All sorted. Order placed. Now onto year two ....

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