NEW: Cameras & Reviews

I got so many emails about this from you. So here it is. A brand new cameras catalogue with almost every camera ever used on Tookapic.

There's a lot of cameras there, so it will take some time to add photos so all of them. Also we're trying to automate the process of adding and creating new cameras. But the automated process is not perfect so there may be some errors found. For example - photos from Leica X2 were assigned to Nokia X2 camera.

If you find any errors like that, let me know. It's best to use the support widget in the bottom right corner of the site.

But that's not all. If you published more than 7 photos with a particular camera you can publish a review for that camera, and I strongly encourage you to do it. This camera catalogue might be a great source of knowledge for anyone looking to buy new camera.

And what I think is best here is that most of us are amateurs so people can see what image camera produces when not used by a professional photographer with tens of years of experience.

Here's my short review of Olympus E-M5 as example.



Rafał Bolko Fajne ... ale Canon 400D zniknął z listy, a był na jakiejś 37-38-ej pozycji... Okazało się że tylko moje 3 ostatnie zdjęcia zrobione tym aparatem są jako Canon 400D (większość moich zdjęć jest z tego body) i można w opisie zdjęcia kliknąć w nazwę i wtedy otwiera się galeria 4 fotografii w całym portalu :) Sprawdziłem i starsze fotki z tego samego body mają pod zdjęciem, że są z Canon 400D DIGITAL i opis nie jest linkiem ...

Paweł Kadysz The camera is there, but it got lost during the process of cataloging. We'll probably get it back tomorrow.

Jakub Szymański Dziwnie to wygląda jak jedna dyskusja prowadzona jest w dwóch językach :)

Kamil Kaczor That's why we should write in English so that everyone will understand ;) Tookapic is not just a Polish community ;)

Marek Szymczuk Naprawione.

Rafał Bolko Dzięki @Paweł :)

Rafał Bolko Dzięki @Marek :)

Kamil Kaczor Amazing catalogue! I wrote short opinion about Nikon D7200 ;)

Margie Love this idea! I am looking for another camera to address the shortcomings of my very good little bridge camera and I am completely overwhelmed by all the choices. This should help. Thank you.

tigg This looks wonderful - a good way to see fellow camera users. Certainly not a complaint but I could not see the Ricoh GR on the list which I use as my pocket go-to camera. I'm not sure that I have seen many other users in this site, but perhaps I have just not noticed them! Amazing achievement - thank you Pawel and team.

Paweł Kadysz There you go: I unlocked the whole Ricoh brand.

tigg Yikes - I wasn't complaining! But thank you ..... and I feel a little guilty for hassling ......

Grigory I wrote a small opinion for Canon 7D) Sorry for my English, he is from an interpreter.

Paweł Kadysz A minor update to the Camera database: you can now easily see which cameras were already reviewed.

Magda Ko I am waiting for review of DJI Spark from @Maciej

Maciej Korsan I'll do one when I reach 7 photos, but I think better choice is Mavic Air (it came out one week after I've bought my spark :()

Paweł Kadysz Yup. I’m saving for Mavic Air now.

Kazziz And I'm saving to buy the Spark from Maciek :)

Magda Ko I would like to have it just for fun so easy to use and decent photo/film camera is fine for me. Looking forward to your review

Magda Ko What about your new year resolutions? No new great this year?

Paweł Kadysz Oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Piotr Daniel Very good idea! :) I already posted short reviews of all cameras I could :)

Artur Łobocki There is only 6 photos of Samsung Galaxy S8 ??? hmm. I made them a lot more but the most of them is marked "Samsung SM-G950F" (from exif)

Artur Łobocki That's what I like ;)

Ian Prince My turn then ;) The "Olympus STYLUS1,1s" seems to be not listed. Maybe the pesky comma in the name?

Ian Prince Yay, thanks Marek!

jenth23 Great, managed to find all 20 cameras I used so far (17 cameras and 3 phones)

Kazziz @Marek Oneplus One and Oneplus 1 - isn't that the same device? :)

Asia Thank you for this! ;) It will be helpfull to choose new camera to buy

Paweł Kadysz Ok, after giving another thought, I decided to unlock comments for cameras to all users, so people can ask questions about the camera even if they don't own it. However comments from people who actually own the camera will be marked with a nice, green label.

Also, comment replies in Cameras are now available.

ponzu Based on a few comments above, a "same as" feature seems in order.

Kazziz E-M10 Mark II added:
as well as E-M5 Mark II:
and the second one includes two useful informations, that users might not even know about ;)

Ian Prince Finally got round to adding some "reviews":

Olympus E-M5
Olympus E-M5ii
Olympus E-M10ii
Olympus Stylus S1

TLDR: you can't go wrong with an Olympus :)