Tookapic blog - article ideas and community involvement

Hello folks,

It's been a long time since I've written an article summarizing my first year with a camera and I know that my second project is dead actually (and it died twice), so maybe I'm not the best person to write and publish more articles here on Tookapic, but let's be honest - this blog is as dead as my project, and we should do something about that (about blog, not my project :D). Every day we can see a lot of great photographs here and I'm sure that each of you has something interesting to share. Did you think about writing some tips&tricks kind of article? I'd love to read about the adventures that you went through during the 365 projects. And I saw a few times already that you really had those ;)

I'm also thinking about writing my second article. It was an awesome feeling to see your reactions under the first one. The question is - what would you like to read about? What would you like to learn? Let's gather all the ideas in one place - I'm sure that volunteers are just waiting.


Łukasz Brożek I've never written any blog article, etc., but if somebody is interested I can try to write everything I know about infrared photography - something like "Guide to Infrared Photography".
But I don't know, there's so many tutorials about it on the web, YT...

Michał Kubalczyk That's a great idea IMO, I've never read about infrared photography. Probably there's more people like me here on Tookapic. Keep in mind that even if there's a lot of content like this somewhere on the web, you need to hear about that first to get interested :)

Kazziz You know, what I'll say to Your last sentence? Yes, there are. But there are none on Tookapic, and many of us (including myself) doesn't look for inspiration or know, how to find quality content of it (when You type "anything tutorial" on YT, there are hundreds of results and sometimes guidance by views isn't the best). So... how about giving it a try and doing it for tookapicers? Write, Łukasz. Do something Your future self will thank You for.

agnieszka bladzik i would love to read something from 'Photoshop masters', things like before and after, or how to set different lights etc. I know it requires some willing people to write those but i think it would be great add to the tookapic.
unfortunately more things here are dead not only blog :( this thought is already in my head for some time, but it is not the topic for that

Paweł Kadysz Yup. You're totally right. With new Tookapic we're getting rid of all unused features. Going back to the core and improving that core. We're focusing on 365 projects, and making it as much fun as possible. That's it. All other, dead and unnecessary stuff will be gone.

However, adding custom articles by community members (in addition to starting a Talk) is something we're considering. but not in the first version of new Tookapic.

Gogi Golzman I want to show some tricks and tips that i have in my sleeve :)

Łukasz Brożek Can't wait for it. :D

Kazziz +1000

Dayana Yes please !!

Lauren Huston I seem to really have two modes, sunset and night photos. Oh, and cats. But I can try?

Sam Patzer I am still learning the basics of my camera and a blog for beginners would be a good way to get some of the newer people engaged.

Kazziz Oh, I can write that.

Kazziz @Paweł , just give us a place where we can write and read (and/or discuss and comment about) other people's work - it might even be a google docs blank page?

Kazziz Look, You might even have this one