4 July 2018 - Swiss tookameetup #6

Paweł will be on a business trip in Lausanne and Geneva this coming week. His schedule is free on Wednesday 4th.

Like last time let's get together. Let's discuss time and venue in the comments below.


agnieszka bladzik shame no one thought of announcing it in advance, might bought a ticket then ;)

Ian Prince Yeah, sorry about that. Only just found out that Paweł would be free Wednesday. Next time :)

Ron Dadoo ok for me, time and place to be determined

jazzie no chance on July 4th :-(

Ian Prince Next time :)

Ian Prince @noun is in Italy...

v agnès @greenlight and @myno too! I'll come for the apéro but won't be able to stay later.

Ian Prince Of course @greenlight and @myno. Apéro at 17h good for you @v ?

v agnès Perfect, but rather 18. Looking forward to!

Ian Prince And @Kateli of course!

vera I'm so so so sorry... I won't be able to come in Nyon on Wednesday 4th! 😢

Ian Prince Sniff :( Paweł will be in Lausanne this evening if that works better for you.

vera oh no... I can't... my Oscar is twelve today, and we make a party this evening!...

Ian Prince Happy 12th Birthday to Oscar :)

vera Thanks a lot! :)

Vincent I’m busy the 4th but according to the time and place fixed I will be able to come... With great pleasure !

Ian Prince 17h for the apéro? Probably Nyon like last time if that’s ok with you?

Vincent 17h should be good, maybe 17h30. I'm looking to change my other appointment.

Ian Prince Great!

jewels A bit early for us. Let us know where you are and we’ll come when we can? Is it only drinks or dinner too?

Ian Prince Both :)

jewels @Nutt and I should be able to join, if near Geneva!

Ian Prince Great!

val Sorry I won’t be able to join. Have fun!

Ian Prince Next time :) Thanks!

Kateli It's going to be very difficult for me ! End of year party for my younger daughter !! This week is just so hectic !! Sorry !

Ian Prince Totally understand. Good luck with your hectic week!

Kateli I accidentally bumped into Pawel at Lausanne station this morning ! I was so happy to meet him ! What a nice guy !
I met THE Pawel !! Hi hi !! :0)

Ian Prince Lovely these kind of coincidences. Now Paweł will really thing Switzerland is a small place ;)

Michel Neufeld Voilà j’ai réussi la connexion ! Je suis libre demain !👍😀 où et quand?

Michel Neufeld Where do we meet in Nyon ?

Ian Prince Working on it. Checking out the weather forecast!

Ian Prince Ok, let's brave the weather: Plage de Nyon from 1700. With a bit of luck we should be able to eat there too after the apéro. Looking forward to a nice evening :)

v agnès Perfect, that's where I have my dinner next ;-) Rain is announced at 22.45. See you later all.

Michel Neufeld Being obliged to take my dog, do you know if dogs are allowed in Nyon's beach ?

Ian Prince At the outdoor restaurant/bar where we are going, yes!

Ian Prince Paweł ‘s train from Lausanne is running 20 minutes late, so we’ll be at the Plage at 17:20.

NatZ Oh!! I see it just now! Enjoy the meeting! Hopefully, I will be able to join next time. Enjoy your time in Switzerland @Paweł

greenlight Have fun tonight in Nyon ! Hope the rain will come as late as possible ;-) See you next time :-)