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The end :(

B-B Wanders
Cześć! Tu Monika i Marcin z B-B Wanders. Zapraszamy na cotygodniowe odcinki z naszych przygód, które wydarzyły się podczas podróży dookoła świata. W listopad...

It was back in 2015. I went abroad to Canada to take a break from my life and figure out what I actually wanna do. By the end of the year I ran into Tookapic and I started to watch how @Paweł builds up his ideas. I liked it so as a New Year's resolution I decided to join the community and try to catch evety single day.

This is my first picture: tookapic.com/photos/1697 There were so few users on Tookapic that @Paweł often commented my photos :D I failed two, maybe three times, starting it over and over again. It was hard, but finally I made it and I shot 365 days in a row. That was incredible experience but I remember that I didn't say something like: "that's it. I took 365 pictures so I am done". I kept capturing because I simply liked it.

Then me and my girlfriend started to plan around the world trip. I thought that it would be the best type of diary if I could upload one picture from every single day of our journey. And we have done that. Together. I am very, very grateful, that Tookapic gave me an opportunity not only to train my photo skills and my conscientiousness but also helped me to collect our memories in extremely beautiful way.

Unfortunately the trip is over. We are back in real life, working 9-5 again, pursuing next goals. In this place we want to finish our Tookapic journey as well. That was extremely hard decision, however, we are the people who can't do things poorly. We always do our best with 100% commitment and that is why we can't do Tookapic any longer. We are still stay in businness but now we will focus on videography. We have recorded 1000 GB of footage throughout 9 months and now we want to share our journey with all of you. As you can imagine, editing is extremely time consuming, so we have to give something up. I hope you understand our decision.

I know that many people follwed our beautiful journey. I would like to thank you all for nice words and support. We love you and we want to invite you to stay with us and travel with us. Every Sunday we emit one video from our trip and this is going to be long series :D Dubai is out and India is comming up. So here is the link for our channel bit.ly/2PYJCTn. Make sure to keep in touch with us on YouTube or Facebook.

It was pleasure to be with you Tookapicers!


Weronika 👏👏

Anne <3

NatZ Good luck and best wishes for your future. It was great following you! Thank you! 😃

LIDO 💐💐💐💐😘😘😘💐💐💐💐

Phillip Flores Good luck. Thank you for sharing you beautiful travel photos. The beer invitation is still open if one day you find yourself in Sydney, Australia.

B-B Wanders haha that's so sweet Phillip :D thank you, I will remember :D

marta_ii It's been a pleasure to follow your trip and to witness some important events in your life😀 Thanks for sharing wonderful views and descriptions of the places you've visited. Best wishes to both of you!💜

B-B Wanders Thanks Marta ;) that's very kind :) hope to keep in touch

vera Many thanks for sharing a part of your life ! Very touching trip, fresh and beautiful emotions! and I can say great and beautiful photos too! Your films are great too! Continue! you’re very talented, and it was a pleasure to follow you!

B-B Wanders Thanks Vera for kind words and for following us ;) please let's keep in touch and drop us a line sometimes on YT or FB ;) cheers

Rafal It is a pity, but life goes on. Keep my fingers crossed for your future! I will try to find a time to watch your films. All the best! Thanks for sharing these beautiful memories! It is never enough.

B-B Wanders Definitely try. They will tell you the whole story with many insights ;) take care

wkaleniecki 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 good luck🤘🤘

Aga Ka To bad but I understand your decision... Good luck with the next projeckt I will follow it on youtube :)

B-B Wanders Thanks guys <3 I realized that I am leaving just before big update on Tookapic :/