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changing my camera (Olympus E-M5 MK2)

I am thinking more often about changing my E-M5MK2. The main reason is that this camera is too slow for me. EVF has a lot benefits but on the other hand sometimes frame has gone as I need to wait too long before it starts to work again. I was adviced to change for Fujifilm X-Pro2. The biggest advantage for me is dual OVF and EVF. The disadvantage is no gear at all for Fuji and I need to learn camera from the scrath. On the other hand if I decided to stay with Olympus (E-M1 MK2) probably sooner or later I would need to change my premium to pro lenses as well. I remember @Paweł 's negative oppinion while he was changing Olympus to Fuji, I am wondering how @Kateli and @Paweł cope with it? Any ather advices for me? What I need is mirorrless camera 99% for photography, 1% for video, stabilisation and quick respond viewfinder (optic or/and electronic), 80% for hobby use, 20% professional. Would be great to hear your oppinion.


Paweł Te For now I have x-t1 and x-pro1 and tons of fun while taking pictures with them, especially with good old x-pro1. I like its ergonomics, all control dials, and overall control witohout entering menu. Lens are not cheap, but it's all about quality.It's amazing but when I picked up used x-pro1, took some pics with it, I thought of you Magda - the way it works, image it creates, colors it produces - in my opinion x-pro1 perfectly fits your style😉 with x-pro2 it could be only better😉 most pics I put on tookapic last weeks are sooc jpegs😉 In my case I dont regret changing oly to fuji at all😉 If you have some more detailed question - ask😉 I spent some hours reading of fuji cameras, so maybe Im able to help😉

Magda Ko great to hear your oppinion, it is tempting. It looks that you are already converted to Fuji :)

Kateli I sold my OmD 1 mark II for a fujifilm xt3 and I haven't regretted once. It has all the options on my old Oly and the image quality is better. I was looking at the Sony Alpha ii or iii but it was too expensive, too heavy, not enough options and the lenses cost too much too. I'm still wondering about a full frame camera but for the moment I'm really pleased with my fuji (Fudgy, I call it).
Let me know if I can give you some info, like Pawel Te, I read a lt about Sony and Fuji before changing !! xxx

Magda Ko Thanks a lot Kateli

Kateli You're very welcome !!

Paweł Te Yep, I sold all my oly stuff, so I'm fully converted😀 I should receive new lens 35 2.0 in a days, so there will be even more fun😉 have you decided if/which fuji is the one you want?😉 Greets!

Magda Ko Not yet, I am not in a big hurry. Still I am not sure what to do. Just noticed that Olympus announced new camera facebook.com/OlympusOMD.Offici...

tania Excellent topic. Looking forward to reading what's coming...

Magda Ko Tania are you also interested in changing system?

Kateli No she isn't because then I won't have anybody to sell all of my old old equipment to !!! ;0)

Magda Ko not possible, you have plenty of OLY users in your gang tookaswiss, haven't you?

tania Not at the moment, because I have really fantastic lenses but always interesting in what people have to say about the subject and keep that in a corner of my mind.... But I don't have the same Oly body.

tania Haha

Maciej Korsan Sony A7 III ;)

Magda Ko yes full frame is tempting but there is something in sony pictures I do not like, too perfect maybe

tania Can you say what ? Can recognize a Sony pic ;) ?

Magda Ko At photo school one colleague had Sony, so I saw a lot of SOOC pictures. Simetimes he used stockings to cover lens to soften the image.

Gogi Golzman if i had the chance to change my gear it was definitely the Fuji xt3 ...this camera is absolutely incredible!

Magda Ko hmm I was thinking about X-Pro2 as OVF is quite important feature. Just find out that that both of them do not have IS which is quite important for me.

Kateli You can manage without IS !

Gogi Golzman @Magda @Kateli i don't know , i'm shooting with the canon 5d mark III & the canon 6d . they have no IS and i manage pretty good.

zlasu I would wait for Lumix S series.

Magda Ko Full frame from Panasonic, with new mount right? Might be quite pricey

jenth23 Or get something from lumix G series (won't have to change lens)

Satoshi T Hi Magda! Pay attention to the lens size, weight, focus speed, and minimum focusing distance. With Oly's system, any lenses have fast electromagnetic focus and have very short photographing distance, but there are differences in Fujifilm's system.

Magda Ko good point Satoshi, I will have a look at it.

Grzegorz Dobrzycki I have a lot of fun and so much love taking pictures with X-100T. Got X-T20 also but do not like it as much as X-100T. It's very versatile, convenient and pleasant to use camera I ever had. The new model X-100F is much better I heard. Currently I am looking to buy X-100F or X-E3.

zlasu What version of firmware do you have?
I have 4.0 and have no problems with EVF speed.

Magda Ko I also have 4.0 from some time already

Kazziz Fuji X-T3 is a great camera, the only thing I'd add would've been IBIS.
If FF - Sony A7 III is a natural choice.

agnieszka bladzik @Kazziz you're alive!

Kateli Sony is a very classical camera, you won't find very many options like you do on the Oly. That's why I chose the Fuji. Plus it costs less and the lenses do too.

Kazziz @agnieszka somehow, yes.

tigg Gosh - I am sorry I had not really noticed that you were not posting at the moment .. that comes of following too many people [and I only follow about 20, I think!]

agnieszka bladzik let me know when you'll be selling oly lenses

Magda Ko I will :)

Magda Ko 2 months later I decided to have new camera. This is not Fuji yet. Thank you all for recommendations. Finally I am going to stay with Olympus.

Daniel Borth E-M1X? :)

Magda Ko E-M1 Mk2. Still enough for me :)

Daniel Borth i was thinking to buy myself one but I am shoot quite a lot of video so I stick with the sony

Kateli I loved my E-M1 Mark II !! It was a great camera, the only thing that frustrated me was the smaller captor and it showed in certain photos, less resolution, less sharpness. But it does so so many things !!! My Fuji X-t3 follows it up but doesn't do as many things... but it does what I needed it to do !

Magda Ko I wanted to buy second hand zuiko 12-40 but finally end-up with brand new camera and lens, this was impuls and good offer from tookafriend I could not resist. Probably I end up with Fujji one day too but not at the moment.

Kateli Have fun with it !!

Kateli Hi ! My Fuji X-t3 is great. It's fast and the captor being bigger, the resolution is better. You have to watch which lenses you use with it, some, like the 60mm lens, are slower than others. Otherwise, since I changed, I'm really happy. It's not too big either.
It's easy to get used to after an Olympus too,
The only thing that can bug me sometimes is the fact that the aperture is set only on the lenses. It doesn't matter when you use Fujinon lenses, but I got a Lensbaby and I can't change the aperture because it would normally be on the lens and Lensbaby don't work like that.
So I won't be back to Olympus, although I do still have my Pen epl-7. ;0)
My next acquisition will probably be a mirrorless full frame camera. But that will be when I'm rich !! Or when I have sold loads of my photos !!! :0)

Maciej Korsan Go with Sony A7III - this camera is the best I've ever had. Lenses are expensive but lucky me - I have a Canon to Sony converter from Sigma, and my old Canon lenses work perfectly.