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Looking for Tookapic Badge Ideas

I'm working on a list of badges you'll be able to unlock and pin to your account (remember achievements and levels?). My ideas so far:

  • 100+ Streak for maintaining a streak of 100 or more.
  • 1K+ Streak for maintainging a streak of 1000 or more.
  • Perfect Week for publishing photos Monday to Sunday every day (this could be unlocked multiple times)
  • Perfect Month just like for Week, but 1st to 31st of the month.
  • Perfect Year I think you know what that would be.
  • Motor Mouth for top 10% of people with most comments posted
  • Rockstar for receiving 100 stars in a month
  • Party Animal for attending official Tookapic meetup
  • Story Teller for posting X photos with long description.
  • 1K+ Photo Club for people with 1000 photos or more (no matter if they maintained streak or not)
  • Streak Freak for people with top 5% highest streak.
  • Daredevil for publishing 7 photos taken at 11:59 pm.
  • Globetrotter for publishing photos taken in 10 different countries
  • Senior for finishing 2+ years on Tookapic
  • Graduate for finishing first year on Tookapic
  • Chatterbox for posting 1000+ comments

I'd love to know your ideas for badges. Please write them down in the comments. Include the name of a badge and requirements for unlocking it.



120mr Great! I thought that perfect week would be for weekly themes. I think that some weekly theme badges will be nice. And about variety cameras one.

Viola Qniej maybe this is not the achievement, but it would be nice to guess who took the picture - that in the feed there were no names, but same photos with the title (in the sense that you have to enter the picture to find out who did it - instead of exif, as it is now - exif let it be visible right away)

Marcin K. treat it like an idea, you can change the name:
+ **Camera tester** for uploading photos taken with at least X different cameras

More like a question:

+ **Motor Mouth** for top 10% of people with most comments posted

does it apply "all time" or last X months?

Maciej Chomik Maybe something arouund weekly themes? Like participate in every weekly theme in a month/year?

Jennifer + Nostalgic - for going x clicks through your own Journey

+ Investigator / Detective - for clicking on X number of other people's journeys (at least once per person, so say clicking on 10 people's journey photo at least once)

+BFF - for commenting on the same person's photo every day for a week. Must be different photo each day, but for the same person. Maybe the person who received the comments could get some little notification or something, too? Just as a fun thing :)

+Mysterious - for posting x number of photos with no title, or no description, or neither. Not super sure I would want to encourage this with a badge, but it does seem fairly common. No description could be the opposite of the storyteller one

Dominique I like these badge ideas, they are pretty fun :D

jenth23 a certain number of cameras used?

Magda Ko Curator - for creating multiphotographer galleries. Something for getting photo of the day, on monthly or yearly basis. We have rockstar for receiving stars, let;'s have something for giving stars as well.

Marcin K. Also, you may consider (as long as it is not too late) something for those who comment a lot under the debut photos.

Joe Fortin "Welcoming Committee" maybe?

Marcin K. Sounds good :-)

Romanos Kalamatianos Maybe a badge for most photos taken in either morning, afternoon or night, in all of time or in a period of time.
Night owl for people with most photos taken at night,
Rooster for people with most photos taken in the morning
and maybe a badge for people with X number of photos chosen as Photo of the Day

Jennifer It would be fun to see when the morning / night badges change, too. For example, I'm sure I would go from Rooster in the winter to Night Owl in the summer when the days are longer and nicer (and I go out at night more).

Hasnat very nice ...

Marta Tomaszewska Journalist - for having most of the pic (80%? 90%?) with description

Theme lover - for attending particular number of weekly themes

Romanos Kalamatianos I love the badges. An idea that came up, not sure if it is a good one, is that badges could have levels such as bronze, silver & gold. For example the Graduate badge
- Bronze level for completing a 365 project once
- Silver level for completing a 365 project 5 times
- Gold level for completing a 365 project 10 times

Wiecznie Zielony 1K+ Photo Club - zacząłem projekt, przerwałem, zacząłem ponownie. Łącznie mam 286 zdjęć, ale przy tej odznace pokazuje mi tylko liczbę zdjęć po wznowieniu projektu. Nie powinno zaliczać całości, skoro: (no matter if they maintained streak or not)?

Maciej Korsan Gear geek - for using different cameras (I think it was in the old system)

jenth23 I'd love to see this one.

Jan Buchta I have a question about "Globetrotter". When it count a country? I mean the picture from another country has to be tagged by the name of country or it's enought to add localization blelow the photo? I have 0 points in this badge but I have some photos from few countries.

Paweł Kadysz Location needs to be added to the photo when publishing.

Jan Buchta Ok, but it counts probably only new added photos with location? Photos added with location before badges started doesn't count (I have a few with location and my stats in this badge is 0).

Paweł Kadysz We'll take a look.

Jan Buchta Ok, I don't know if you did something already, but now I have 5 points in this category. Thanks 👍