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User Name Restrictions

Hi there, just joined the community (literally 5 secs ago), but have one problem during signing in.

The user name wasnt valid. I though that the user name was the name that appear on my profile, but apparentely it isnt that way. The only warning that appeared was that the username wasnt valid.

A suggestion: Specify what is the username when you start a new account and what characters are allowed. Maybe even clarify that it isnt your "Display name" and that you can change both later. (this warning should appear also on the settings tab where you can change this stuff)

Anyhow, what are the restrictions on user name? someone knows?

P.S. Hope to be uploading photos soon and be part of this great community.


Paweł Kadysz These are very good suggestions. Thank you! I will add those to our roadmap and we'll update the sign up/sign in page soon.

@Marek, can you specify what username restrictions are?

Marek Szymczuk You can only use the following characters:
- letters (a-z, lowercase, ascii)
- numbers (0-9)
- underscores (can only be used between characters)

Some usernames (like "about" or "galleries") are not available for registration.

Ian Prince I want "photos" as a username ;)

Marek Szymczuk I will send the invoice next week! :P

Ian Prince 😂😂

Geral H. @Marek i think spaces arent allowed too, is that correct?

Marek Szymczuk Unfortunately no.

Geral H. Thanks!