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Tookapic's "Why"

Stop the Oversharing Madness
Join the memory-making movement.

Dear people of Tookapic,

I've launched a new page today. It's Tookapic's "why". Kind of a manifesto I think. Explaining why we do what we do.

The page is available here.

I'd love to know what you think. If it's something that you agree with.

If you think the idea is worth spreading please share it here or retweet this tweet.



Geral H. I like it. But was there an increase in the price? 69$? I paid 37$ if I’m correct

Paweł Kadysz Don't worry, your subscription is still $36.

Geral H. But is that correct? The price went up for new users? Because I was trying to bring some of my friends, 36$ seemed reasonable

vividcolourfabric There's lot of negative space on both sides that's just begging to put some instax pics or something else there. Nonetheless, that's a nice manifesto. It's strict to the point, no digressions.

Michel Neufeld Dear Pawel,
I quite agree with this very healthy and refreshing philosophy and also I love the Tookapic community ! It would be great to share our technical difficulties so that the more technically advanced members could perhaps help and/or teach special tips ? If time permits it of course !!!