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NEW: Rate Your Day

Happy Monday everyone! We've just updated the upload form. You can now rate your day. Was it awesome, bad or just a 'meh' day?

Rate your day

Once you guys rate more and more of your days, we'll add an option to sort your photos based on your rating. This way you'll be able to browse pics that you took while feeling really, really good.

There's also new badge called "Emotional" that can be unclocked after rating 365 days. (Yes, you can rate your current photos and it will count towards the badge).

There will be more features related to "Rating your day" in upcoming months. But if you have ideas - let me know in the comments.

Tell me what you think! Enjoy!


Marcin K. Cool idea!

Edit: Have you considered to make it possible to rate the day without going to "edit" page (pop-up)? For example from photo page? Adding anything like that in feed view would definitely make it more clattered, so I am not suggesting that.

Romanos Kalamatianos Good idea!

My suggestion would be the following:
Each option should have a color associated i.e. Awesome = Green, Bad = Black and in the user profile there should be an option to enable/disable rating which if enabled would place a transparent (or not) overlay over the photos with its associated color. Thus creating a bullet journal.

Jennifer Love it! Tookapic keeps taking the place of other apps and pages I use because you keep making features I get in other things... but you make them better. xD

Dave Fritz Is this meant to be our day in general or just related to our photographic endevors?

Paweł Kadysz Use it however you like. I personally rate my whole day, not the photo.

Joe Fortin It'll be interesting to see what can be learned from this. Do I take different pictures when I'm happy? What do my M'eh photo-days looks like?

Paweł Kadysz This is exactly the plan, but we first need to collect some data. We’ll add some stats next month.

ponzu Good feature. It gives something to those who see tookapic as their journaling platform rather than - or an in addition to - photo sharing.

Lido a good idea, but I do not like the option with colors

ponzu I like the color idea. Green, Blue, Gray, Yellow, Red would be my associations with Awesome, Good, Meh, Bad, Terrible. Black dot can get lost as an overlay, and to some black is not bad. Such as for an accountant :) Of course, for some, red is not bad, either, such as for a communist or a bull. And yellow is either a warning or a shining sun. So then. make the colors individually customizable per user, in addition to the option to not use/show any?