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Got a spammy message on Tookapic recently?

I got few emails from you guys reporting spammy messages from suspicious accounts. We've been getting some spam signups from India, and other parts of Asia recently.

Two of thouse accounts were actually bots programmed to send out spam through private messages on Tookapic.

The issue is now resolved. Starting today, to send a private message, post any comment or start a talk, you need to have at least one photo on your account. Therefore you have to be a real Tookapic member to publish anything.

But if you spot any suspicious behavior on Tookapic, feel free to report it by sending a private message to me, or sending an email at

Thanks and have a great day!


Jennifer Great fast response! Lets look at the silver lining that our community is active enough for them to think it would be worth targeting ;) ^.^

hegyessy One silver lining from this spam message is that it reminded me about this community. Going to pic up my digital camera and start again.

Dave Fritz Thank you Pawel