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After w month. My humble expectations

Well, it's s been a month. I really enjoy being here as well as presenting my pictures. I wish I could read some comments on my work. Since I am at the beginning. I mean some technical staff, like you could suggest using more or less light. Setting from different angle or similar suggestions. I realise how little time we have So I believe it is hard Just to keep up with own project. But these are Just my expectations, I had had before entering Tookapic.


Marta Tomaszewska There was some idea here to post photos with the tag meaning "critique please", but as far as I remember it didn't worked.
It's somehow hard to say something bad on the pictures in public, I can't remember if anybody here wrote me anything in the style "change something", either it was like "nice job" or nothing.

And I will admit it in public - I really don't have time usually (the thing I'm here writing so much recently is an exception that confirm the rule) to do anything more than click a heart or star. And I can see that usually that also happens to my pictures.

But if you have such expectations I'll write here some things that downed on me after seeing your photos:
- keep straight - you have many pictures that are not in line and don't seem to be like that by purpose (see #16, #7, #10 and others) - in such frames not being straight is somehow disturbing. For example #11 would be better for me either with stronger angle or straight. When you left it like that I don't know what you wanted to say, or it just happened that you've made this shot. But in #15 it's ok, nice division of the frame.
- sometimes I just want to postprocess your pics a bit more :D (#2, #3, #26)

But in general, if you're at the beginning just keep going and gather as much knowledge as you can. You have an eye. I'd like to see your pics in year or two :)

sylwiatka Thx a million for the comments. I know giving your time to someone is so precious. Hope to learn a lot.

Marcin K. I do not feel confident in judging somebody's else photography, but I can agree with @Marta. What I can add is, if you want to post-process your photos taken with your mobile you can use some apps like Snapseed from Google, which is for free. You can "straighten" your photos there or make color adjustments.

Keep it up! You are doing well!

sylwiatka Marcin - before I joined Tookapic I had had no idea of postprocessing at all. So it is a progress ha ha 😂

sylwiatka I think I have found a solution. I Will critise myself 😉😋

Łukasz Brożek To be honest I don't like suggesting what and how people should photograph and it takes a lot of time.

I can tell people if they ask me for advice, but I only can say how I would shoot photo in my style, but not how they should do it.
...but more important is that everyone see the world differently, everyone has different style, etc. Every aspect of photography is so subjective.

Self-improvement is propably the best thing everyone can do.
- Find photographs or/and photographers you like. Note what you like about them and try to replicate that.
- Try to find everything you don't like in your photographs and try to change/improve that.
- If you struggle with something (e.g. composition) then ask for specific advice in this topic some photographer you respect.

Łukasz Brożek I think it would be a good idea to make a talk where we can ask for advice if you want to.

It was too easy to write hashtag under photo, but maybe describing what we are struggling with in post and link specific photo in it would work better.

sylwiatka That is an idea. But what if I do not realise sth could be better. 😒😉Anyhow, I will try.

Marta Tomaszewska You've started a thread about books/knowhow etc. I can bet that when you'll read 2-3 from the list (I'll always opt for "Okiem fotografa") you'll realize how it more-less work at least with composition ;-)

gerlos I admit that often I don't have the time to post comments very different than "nice job".

Perhaps writing helpful and useful suggestions without seeming rough is quite hard, and I don't feel comfortable to do it in a hurry. I actually prefer to give some encouragement, even if it can be less useful than a thoughtful critique.

Anyway, I think that looking at photos from others and asking yourself simple questions can give you a lot of opportunities to learn and improve. For example, ask yourself (and others, too) "how can I get that look?" or "why did he/she choose that composition/exposure/effect/...?".

Since you asked:

-Why are there dates over imposed on some shots? Is there a use for them?
- I'm seeing a lot of leaning lines - are there good reasons for the pics not being straight?
- You don't seem to post-process your shots. Why? Often, to make a good photo great, it's enough to correct leaning lines, fine-tuning the crop and white balance.
Tuning tones and colours can also turn a "meh" picture in a "wow" one.
Any photo editor will do. Even the one pre-installed on your devices. I also suggest you try Gimp on desktop and Snapseed on mobile.
- Search for a good "photo library" app. It's more important than any photo editor, IMHO. A good photo library app should help you culling your photos, browsing and comparing old pic with newer ones, analyze metadata, group them by rating or contents, and reviewing the edits you did to get the final result you got.
Basically, it helps you building experience to grow on.

You can start with simple tools like "Google Photos", Apple "" on MacOS or "Shotwell" on Linux (sorry, I don't know equivalents for Windows).
Later on, you can move to apps that provide more workflow tools like Darktable, Adobe Bridge, Photoshop Elements, Corel Aftershot, Luminar, Capture One, or Adobe Lightroom (I really love this last one, but admit it's not cheap and may be overkill and intimidating at the beginning).

Hope this helps.

sylwiatka That is awosome piece of helpful advise. Thx. See me get better. Need a lot of Time, knowledge and practise.

gerlos If you try to just get even 0.5% better every day, you'll be a lot more than 100% better at the end of your 365 Project!

sylwiatka I am So bad at maths 😉😋 I Will rely on you in this matter.

bizon 182,5% to be precisely :D