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Four years ago... (!)

birdie project
birdie project is a gallery curated by Viola Qniej.

I realised such a monthly project on Tookapic - probably only @Ian remembers it. What is happening now reminded me of all this... In strange times we live, really...


Magda Ko Of course I remember it, I have joined tookapic a couple of weeks earlier. Did you also take body project one month?

Viola Qniej yes! exactly 😊 and red project 🤭 it was before weekly themes, I think... funny

Ian Prince I do remember! Indeed, strange times. Maybe birdie will return 😉

Viola Qniej do you believe I bought these masks in February? "#59"

Hanna G. of course I remember this project - I was a fan of it

Viola Qniej 🤗🤗

leszek55 I think we don't even realize what is happening around us

Viola Qniej Probably, but sometimes I think that it's even better...