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Recommendations for new computer

I don't know whether this is the appropriate venue for this questions, so just ignore me if it isn't. My eight year old Windows 7 computer is beginning to crash with Adobe occasionally and is showing other signs of distress. I use LR regularly and occasionally Ps. I have huge files, store them all on my PC, and need some suggestions. I want a PC desktop. How much RAM etc? Video card? Speed? I am struggling here. Thank you for any direction.


Marta Tomaszewska I'm still using my PC from 2013, it's i5 (i5-3570K 3.4GHz) with 16GB ram and few HDDs. System (and LR catalog) is on SSD. I have a basic graphic card (GeForce GT710, 2GB) bought 2 years ago, but it didn't make the difference I was waiting for, maybe a bit when exporting video ;-) I have win 10.

I'd say that my setup is more less minimum for LR usage - it's comfortable and smooth, but for sure it could be better, especially having many local edits. Sometimes I have to wait for a second or two for reaction. But during "standard" process it's quite fine.
I'd recommend SSD drive for system and LR catalog. It makes a difference. Photos can be on regular HDDs.

So it's more the matter of budget that you have :) if I had to buy new PC now I'd look at:
i7 (to have something future-proof and better than now)
16-32 GB RAM (I think I've never used whole 16GB till now)
Some better graphic card than my current one (but with "static" image it's not so crucial, more for video)
at least 256GB of SSD for system and LR installation (I have 126 and it's a bit too small)

Margie I can't thank you enough for your comments. I am out of my league with this technical stuff so this gives me a basis. I need to read up on all these various features which I will do. I had a video chat with someone at B and H photo in New York today (huge business) and they recommended a couple for me. I am going to compare them with what you wrote. I keep trying to ignore the problems and go along ok for a while, then something freezes or quits. I am on borrowed time This will be an expensive purchase to get what I think I need. Thank you again. Stay well!!!!