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Swiss Tookameeting?

Hi there! Some Tookaswissfellows had a little discussion about organizing a meeting - I think we're all a bit without solid ground under our feet since we have read the bad news about Tookapics future. I'd like to talk with you guys about if/how/where you plan to continue your photographic journey after day 0. Who is in? Any ideas about place /time / program (photo exhibition somewhwere? Cool place for a tookawalk?) ...


Kateli It would have to be at the weekend for me. I don't mind taking the train somewhere...
Anybody else interested ??
It would be nice to meet up again.

tigg In spirit only …… 😕

Paweł Kadysz You might want to tag swiss users with @username so they get notified about this post. You can find them here:

Ian Prince Good idea Jazzie!

We could meet in Lausanne and visit the fabulous Hans Emmenneger exhibition or in Nyon to visit Jörg Gläscher's photo exhibition at Focale

I'll set up a Doodle so we can find a date that works for most of us

If you haven't received a Doodle invitation by the end of the week and would like to join DM me here :)

Long live Tookapic "Thank you Switzerland!" :)

jazzie Both exhibitions sound interesting! For me the trip to Lausanne is an hour shorter than to Nyon, but I'm fine with both. Thanks for organizing the doodle!

tigg Ian - jazzie and I have been messaging about an idea. Perhaps she will speak to you about it when you see her. I don’t want to lose touch with you all.!

Ian Prince Here is the Doodle covering the next three weekends if you'd like to meet up!

I've started a WhatsApp group, if you're not reaching messages from me please DM me with you phone number (@jazzie!)