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Weekly theme

Tookapic Love

October 4th - October 11th
85 photos from 46 users

On October 9th Tookapic turns 6. Six years of daily photo taking by hundreds, thousands of people. Let's celebrate this. Let's celebrate the love for photography. This week, take photos of what photography and your 365 project means to you. Share your thoughts in the photo caption. Those photos will be the best birthday gift we could imagine. But don't share those pics on Tookapic only. Share them on Instagram and Facebook. Tag them all with #tookapicLove, so we can track them and share them on our social media accounts. Thank you for being with us for 6 years. Keep taking photos!

This theme is expired. Check out the current one: On the edge.
Day 2,190
it seems that on even anniversary's I do not have great ideas ;) no cake on the face, no pink balloons, no multiplying myself. still made it again...
Day 1,355
Old Town
Day 1,802
ghosts ...
As I wrote yesterday, so I did today - before work, I went to the pier in Orłowo. It rained. The weather didn't encourage people to take a...
Day 999
kiedy ranne wstają zorze
#theme-tookapic-love #morning-aurora #sunrise #clouds #sky
Day 1,801
I associate tookapic with ... no, it's not like that. I associate the pier in Orłowo with ... also wrong. When I think about the pier in...
Day 2,188
love from the first day
joined @tookapic on day one, kept my streak since then. not looking anymore for an excuse to break it (if that happens that ha...
Day 1,550
1,550 sztuk.
Day 1,000
Wygląda, że wpadłem jak śliwka w kompot... Miało być 365 zdjęć i do domu, a tu ni stąd, ni zowąd, pyknęło tysiąc na liczniku, a ja wciąż nie zami...
Day 996
nadzieja i jutrzenka - siostry dwie
Day 1,335
Tookapic is always together with me
Day 1,334
sunflowers for Tookapik, it's nice to have you, thank you for being
Day 1,010
Z okazji 6-tej rocznicy tookapic słodkie zdjęcie pełne mini-babeczek dla wszystkich. Tu dzieją się cuda, więc może i babeczki się rozmnoż...
Day 267
I ❤ Tookapic za te wszystkie chwile, które dzięki Tobie łapie... #theme-tookapic-love
Day 1,336
fan of Tookapic during the pandemic
Day 1,190
My beginning here was quite strange. I've set up tookapic account 2 years before I've actually started the project (just to book my nickname in...
Day 2,189
yet another day
when I think how big is a part of my life that I have captured on photos in this project I'm stunned. a lot of moments that I can easi...
Day 1,244
Day 1,800
inspired by Satoshi photo
Tookapic Love - a difficult topic. I don't even want to think how Tookapic changed my life, how it influenced it ... day aft...
Day 685
💙 Tookapic 💙
Day 061 #theme-tookapic-love
Day 1,639
Bain des Dames...
Day 1,806
Day 1,354
Na początku mojej przygody tutaj tak było, że dopóki nie zrobiłam zdjęcia spokojnie usiąść nie mogłam. Dość niespokojnie szukałam tematu do zdjęcia. #...
Day 1,710
Print #12
I like this theme and I like photobooks, but I have only two from almost five years. @pawelkadysz I hope I'll be able to order the missing o...
Day 1,297