Piotr Łaskawski Congratulations:)

jokele Thank you, Piotr :-)

LIDO Difficult but very interesting. Congratulations. See you tomorrow.🍀

jokele Thank you, LIDO! I'm still there ;-)


jokele :-D

jazzie Congratulations! I know what you mean, I was not sure if there would be a fourth year either, but I'm not unhappy about having started another one. Hope to see you tomorrow!

agnieszka bladzik just sometimes i get unhappy with my 5th year

jokele Thanks a lot, jazzie! There were several times of struggle. But every time I was happy, that I've continued.

Hanna G Congratulations !!!

jokele Thank you, Hanna!

Zenon Drobiński Congratulations!

jokele Thank you, Zenon!

Paweł Kropek Congratulations!

jokele Thank you, Pawel!

Artur Łobocki Congratulations!!!

jokele Thank you, Artur!

agnieszka bladzik congrats, hope to still see your photo tomorrow :) i'know it's hard, i have so many struggles this year

jokele Thank you, Agnieszka. Yeah, I'm still here. There were a lot of struggles the last time. And sometimes I think it might be better, to take less photos but then having the time to pay more attention to one photo. But I think when I stop tookapic, I might miss something.

Satoshi T Glückwünsche 💐💐💐!

jokele Domo arigatou, Satoshi :-)

Edward Chang Congratulations 🍾

jokele Thank you, Edward. Cheers!

Basia congratulations!!!

jokele Thank you Basia :-)

Lesley Year 3 has been harder for me, also. Congrats!

jokele Thank you Lesley. I envy you for your landscape shots.

Daniel Borth Congratulations !

jokele Thank you, Daniel!

Phillip Flores Congratulations! What an achievement. I hope I can do three years.

jokele Thanks a lot, Phillip! Just 466 shots ;-)

robert_wisniewski !!! Congratulations !!!

jokele Thank you, Robert!

vera Big congratulations Jokele for your amazing photos!!!

jokele Thank you so much, Vera!

Aleksandra Z Congrats ❤️

jokele Thanks a lot, Aleksandra!

Weronika Congratulations 👏👏😀

jokele Thank you, Weronika 😀

Rafal Laczynski Congratulations! 👏

Audie Congratulations!

craig Belated Congratulations!

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