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Let's talk! :)

This has nothing to do with photography, but I just wanted to have a talk where... well... people could talk to each other and get to know each other! I don't really know much about any of the people here on tookapic, and I haven't shared too much about myself, so, let's get the conversations going! :)


Hanna Gawrychowska Yes, great idea
Who begins ?

Jesse Lind Anyone really...

Jennifer I'm studying to be a high school English teacher! I'm currently about to head off to South Korea to teach for a semester before I graduate, and I'm very excited! :D I dream of traveling all over, and there are a lot of options to do so as a teacher, especially an English teacher.

Bridget Braun Wow, this sounds great @Jennifer. Have fun in South Korea, I've never been!

Jennifer Thanks! I haven't either, but it seems like a wonderful area and I can't wait to go. ^.^

Jesse Lind That's awesome! I want to travel when I get older also. :)

Jennifer Why wait? ^.^

Jesse Lind Well, I don't really have too much money, and well, I am too young to go

Jennifer Right, fair point haha.

Matias Chahbenderian That sounds interesting! You´ll take some awesome shots over there!

Jennifer That's the goal! Every time I go out I find something new that catches my eye, but it's usually like a pile of trash or some squid in a tank. XD Not what I expected, but it's been interesting.

Matias Chahbenderian Hahaha! Sometimes I also found my self shooting my cat's shit, for example.

Bridget Braun Hey Jesse this is a great idea! I'm 30 years old and I've been a graphic designer for 10 years. I work for a software company in Vancouver, Canada, doing all sorts of things like, branding, user interface design, websites, infographics and a bunch of other things. I have two dogs, both cocker spaniels, we may see them on here from time to time (hehe). I also do a bit of freelance on the side but my job is pretty creatively fulfilling so I try to take it easy on my downtime, doing photography, watching tv, walking the dogs, baking, traveling, listening to music, reading books and going hiking. What are some of your other hobbies @Jesse? Besides photography of course!

Jesse Lind Hobbies? Oh wow, I have quite a few! I love drawing, listening to music, banging on my drums, playing the piano, eating, gaming, eating, sleeping, eating, oh and did I mention eating?

Jennifer Luckily for you, you can combine eating with several other of those haha! No sacrifices to be made. :)

Jasmine Johnson Hi everyone! I live in Portland, Oregon and don't plan on leaving. Totally love it here. My favorite things to do are taking photos, watching tv shows and eating yummy food. I am 20-years old and just moved into my first apartment with my boyfriend a few months ago. I am currently a receptionist in an office environment and i'm hoping to be a professional photographer one day! I'm not sure what I want to specialize in just yet, but I want to try everything! I love babies so I really want to try newborn photography and I'm also interested in shooting weddings and portraits. I'm totally loving this photography journey and I really am getting better everyday. I also dream of traveling and I would love to visit Thailand sometime next year. I'm saving as much money as I can for travel and photography gear. Expensive but worth every penny!

Jennifer My brother lives in Oregon and he absolutely loves it there! He'd not one to settle anywhere for long, so it must be great. Oregon is on my travel list. Thailand is for me as well. :)

Bridget Braun Oregon is also on my travel list! Portand specifically. Any recommendations on things to do there Jasmine? I'm only a few hours drive away.

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Jesse Lind Well, tookapic is the right place for you! :)

Bridget Braun yay! a fellow british columbian!

Jesse Lind Hey guys! My name is, well, Jesse :D and like I said above I like to draw, listen to music, eat, sleep, game, take pictures (of course xD) and much more :) I live in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and I love it here, but I also want to travel around the world and see new places :) I am 13 years old, and I have a pet dog(if you've seen my photo's you know) and like 6 hermit crabs, (my mom is really the person who takes care of them and she loooooves them). I have 3 other siblings, two older sisters and one older brother. (Ben and Christa are also photographers and were on tookapic a while ago) I am home schooled, so I do school... at home. My dream job is either to be a National Geographic Photographer and travel the world, or be a youtube gamer :)

Jennifer Working for Nat Geo has always seemed like an amazing thing to me too. ^.^

Hanna Gawrychowska Jesse! Are you 13 years old??? Looking at your pic it's hard to belive !

Jesse Lind Ha ha, yup! I believe you are never too young to get good at something! :)

Hanna Gawrychowska theoretically you're right, but only theoretically ...
in my case rather will apply:
you're never too old to do what you like ...
you're never too old to learn something new ...

Joel G Mwakasege Jr. Now I'm blown away, 13 years old you seem to have your priorities in the right place, at your age i couldn't imagine myself doings what you're doing.

I'm honestly humbled and interested at the same time.

Shenandoah Hi all, from Colorado here. I have two cats and a horse, that have shown up in my pics at various times. And in case you can't tell, I enjoy birding :) Besides that, I'm an engineer who does aviation research, and also volunteer at the zoo every week (some of those animals have shown up in my pics at times, as well). Enjoy reading, hiking, photography, writing, and just about anything animals.

Jennifer After reading the bits about birds, I was thinking you meant birds by "aviation research" and was very curious about what an engineer would do with that! XD

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Bridget Braun haha yeah I bet. One of the reasons I moved here was due to the lack of snow and warmer climate :)

Mihir Hello, I am from Bombay, India, which is a bustling, crowded (overcrowded I might add) metropolis like nyc or chicago. Climate is well, hot and humid for most of the year but is an amazing place to live if you are a fan of people around and see poetry in chaos.

Still trying to figure out, what exactly my 365 day project should be.

Jesse Lind Nice to meet you!! I think your tookapic project is going well already! Just keep taking pictures of anything that interests you! :)

Mihir thanks Jesse. Your 365 is pretty good and you are quite articulated for a 13 year old. Very impressive.

Sheri B Good morning. I'm Sheri from Vilano Beach, Florida. I grew up in Florida, went to college in Virginia, moved to Ohio, California and North Carolina for awhile before coming back home. I've always had a camera in my hand and I love to travel. I started my 365 project back in November and I'm really enjoying the challenge of making sure I get at least one pic a day. My favorite subjects are the natural world. And my cat.

Jesse Lind When I started tookapic I loooooooved to take pictures of nature, mainly flowers, but my style changed after a couple months.I can't wiat to see where this project bring you! :)

Jaclyn Hey everyone. I'm Jaclyn. I am from Tucson,AZ but currently in the process of moving to Japan with my husband. This is my tenth year of 365. I got pretty lazy with it the last year or two but with all the changes in our life my interest has been renewed.

Jesse Lind Ten years? Non stop?

Shenandoah Wow, that's really impressive that you've been doing it for 10 years! That's serious dedication. I bet you'll have all kinds of cool things to take pictures of when you move to Japan, what an exciting adventure!

Mihir I suppose you have already achieved the God level. thats amazing.

Jaclyn I started getting lazy last year and missed a few days but never more than one or two in a row. Also super guilty of just inserting photos of my dogs when I didn't feel like getting off the couch. But now I'm back to strict Every Single Day no matter what mode.

Jaclyn it was easy for about 5 years because I was in college getting an art degree with an emphasis in photography. But then it slowly got harder. But now I'm rededicated.

Jaclyn Thank you. I am really anticipating what types of new things I will be experiencing.

Satoshi T If you have any question about Japan, I will reply with photo, Jaclyn Lilly :)

tania I have a question : why does your knife have so many holes ? 😂

Satoshi T Haha! It's incredible interrupt :)
It's about "Prepareing fried lunch of vegetables".
They are Air Holes : After cutting, food is away smoothly from the knife by air passing through the knife.
so with them, you use more fast shutter-speed:)

tania Perfect. Thank you Satoshi ! And sorry for this question here. Hahaha...

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Jennifer I know just what you mean about ending up on a roll with a bunch of pictures! I often have that problem. Of course, then the next day I struggle to get even one good one. That's the way it goes. :) Your question is hard to answer! I take pictures of nature and landscapes most often, probably, because I am never-endingly amazed by how beautiful our world is. However, I also feel like I could get lazy if I do that too much because it's usually pretty easy to get a nice photo of a beautiful sunset. I try to challenge myself with other things as well to avoid that. As for viewing, I LOOOVE seeing the abstract photos some people are great at getting! My brain just doesn't really work that way, so I love when others can show me unexpected perspectives on things. :) (And that's true outside of photography too!) How about you?

biquette Hi! I'm 17 years old, I live in Switzerland, and am a student in scientific section. I love to travel, to draw, to play music (piano) or just listen to it, to watch movies (I work in a cinema) and of course to take pics, more precisely portraits, landscape photos or just something I find beautiful, or inspiring. I've always loved to photograph things but thanks to Tookapic it has become something more important in my life. My other great passion is football.
I'm fascinated by the landscapes in northern countries and my dream is to visit those amazing places and maybe why not live there one day??

tania I find your idea @Jesse really good. Actually when we see day after day photos, texts and comments, we have the feeling to know *a little* of certain Tookapic members. And, posting a photo is posting a part of intimacy, as @Michał said it so well one or two days ago. So, at a point, I think we want to know a bit more... On the other hand, knowing nothing else than photos and texts is also a part interesting mystery...
Anyway, I like reading this page. Thank you.

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Jennifer This project is excellent for always making you take your camera with you and learning it fast. :)

Gogi Golzman Hi everybody!
i live in israel & im a photographer & hip hop dancer.
actually i finished 2 projects couple years ago and tried another one last year but didnt have much time to finish it because of lots of work & stuff
but this year im ready to do so =]
i shoot club life, dance, urban, weddings & more..
hope you all enjoy my vision =]

Emily Bell Hiya! I'm a new-be adult (yes, that exists in my world!), currently traveling before I start my undergrad studies. I've been taking photos (and giving thought to composure blabla) for about 4 years now and have FINALLY challenged myself to a 365 project. I only recently started on Flickr and the general use of online photo communities, and they've really encouraged me. Mostly I take landscape and abstract photos, but who knows where I'll go with this project... I really hope this project will help me get through the beginning of uni, moving to a new place (semi-permanently!) and just the general ups and downs of life!
Cheers! Emily

Jesse Lind Oh I know it will help you in so many ways! Do you have any hobbies @emily?

Emily Bell I was just reading the new posts in this thread and saw that I never responded to you question Jesse, sorry! I used to love playing football, but then I blew out my knee, so that's a no go now. Otherwise, playing guitar, teasing my totally adorable cat and traveling. I graduated high school at sixteen 1,5 years ago, but didn't want to go study straight away, so I went to live with a Chinese family in Zhengzhou for a year and am currently working to finance visiting them again before I start uni in september. And otherwise just generally traveling, even if it's just around the UK or Germany...

Jesse Lind @kevin do you like lamps?

Kevin Drum On my 17th or 18th birthday--I forget which one because I am now quite old, you see--my mother gave me a Tiffany lamp. A lamp is certainly an unusual gift for a 17-or-18-year-old boy, especially since I never expressed any desire to own a Tiffany lamp. However, my mom is a very peculiar person, and hence, I too am a peculiar person, so I appreciated the beauty and the timelessness of the lamp as much then as I do now. And that is the story behind this photo: "Tiffany Lamp"

Jesse Lind Yes! I can now officially be your friend!

Bridget Braun My dad makes tiffany replica stained glass lamps in his spare time. They are gorgeous!

Jesse Lind Oooooh!

Jesse Lind I AM OFFICIALLY @kevin's FRIEND!!!

Kevin Drum *waves at the crowds from atop the friendship float in the friendship parade*

Jesse Lind There is only one person on the friendship float.

Kevin Drum No, all your friends are here on the friendship float. Let's see... there's your dog... and that one lamp that hasn't fallen on your head... it's a good turnout really.

tania Jesse you're a friend for lots of people here. I mean you're for example my "kitchen friend". It's better than my "liquid friend" !!! 😂

Jesse Lind Plus my camera of course :D

Jesse Lind And the broken lamp...

Jesse Lind Do you have a tissue?

tania Hahahahaha... Of course. You're my friend !

Jesse Lind Anyways, do you like lamps @tania?

tania Haha ! I do. I have quite a few I like at home, but never put them on Tooka. I have a new one made of crumpled white paper that I could photography. For you I mean !! And otherwise, I like creating lamps, but I have not time for that.

Jesse Lind They are good to have around for a last minute streak photo :) It's always nice to have something to photograph just in case.

tania Exactly what I thought.

Jesse Lind What do you think about the changes in tookapic the last month? Like all the new members joining and things like that.

Comment was deleted

tania Tricky question... I'm very happy to see new inspiring photographers. There's so many ways of doing photography that having new members is a plus, a stimulation we need I think. On the other hand, I like small communities, I like the feeling to "know" everyone, I like being able to see almost all the photos everyday. That's the reason I appreciate so much Tookapic. Now... it's a bit "different"... it's no more possible to see everything. Let's see how it will turn out the next few months.
I find the new features super ! The one I prefer : the new red number !! What about you ?

Jesse Lind Yes, when I joined tookapic a year ago it only had about maybe at most 50 to 60 active members in it, and you got to know everyone so well, and learn there style of photography. Now because there are more people in tookapic there aren't as many connections between all of us. I'm not saying that it's a bad thing that tookapic has a bunch of new and active members, it's just different. So I think that we should have some sort of way to talk with each other about anything! Maybe like photography groups where a few people who you really want to get to know join, and you can talk about either your photography life, or you regular life. (I do like all of the new features though) :)

Preston Phillips Hello everyone.
My name is Preston. I've been dabbling at photography for a few years (pictures for friends and family mainly). Lately, I have gotten more serious about it and am even considering making it my career. I have become friends with a local photographer who is mentoring me and teaching me some of the finer details of portraits (portraits seem to be a real challenge for me which is why my portraits here are lacking somewhat at the moment). She has taken me as second shooter to a couple of weddings and I am loving everything about photography. I recently decided to do a 365 challenge and am loving how much I am inspired by others pictures as well as challenged by having to look at everything differently.
I hope to continue to learn and grow. (Sorry that this was so long.)

Aaron Just poking my head in to say I'm enjoying this so far, it's definitely a challenge getting shots on a daily basis haha. It's nice having what I can see is a relatively small community, too - Already starting to see the same names around the place!

Jesse Lind It is indeed a great community, and I'm so glad you joined! Do you have any hobbies (besides photography of course :D)?

Matias Chahbenderian I found uploading a photo every day the most challenging thing I have ever done with photography!(I´ve been in this world for less than a year), but at the end of the day if u took a nice pic everything is worthed.

Aaron Photography is the big one at the moment! Wish I were able to turn that into something but doubt that would ever happen, so trying to make something of my IT degree.

Also play a lot of Street Fighter, heh.

Aaron Yep, it's hard keeping a steady stream of content!

Spencer Croft Awesome reply! My favorite general genre is landscapes, but my absolute favorite thing is astrophotography, I LOVE that I can see a couple stars in the sky, but use my camera and capture thousands more than what I can usually see. Recently I've loved doing panoramas, I've done a panorama at Devils canyon In Wyoming, at a friends wedding, and one at minnehaha falls here in Minnesota. I can't wait for summer so I can try some Milky Way panoramas! Another question for you, how do you get ideas or inspiration for photos everyday? I choked at 11 days and broke my streak, I took a couple pictures those couple days but wasn't happy with them so I didn't post them... I feel like it's easy for me to take pictures of things, but they never seem like something worth posting

Jennifer Astrophotography is really cool. I haven't been able to try it yet because I only recently got a camera good enough to do it, but I think it's amazing how when you set it up for a while, you can literally see how everything moves as the Earth spins. I can't wait for summer either, so I can see your Milky Way pictures! :) I had a lot of trouble at first too, and there are still some days when I feel like my photo is really not that interesting. I've learned to have my eyes more open to seeing things that are beautiful or unusual, and try to just let things catch my eye. When I'm struggling on a day, I'll often take a regular object that I see every day (a chair, a light switch, so one) and try to see it in a new perspective. Often this ends up with it not even being recognizable as a chair or light switch, which I think is really fun!

Spencer Croft Thanks! I need to get back into trying for daily pictures, hopefully I'll be able to find enough time when I'm done with my ski racing season in the next couple weeks. Looking at your pictures here I think will help inspire me as well! Thanks again Jennifer!

Jennifer Happy to help! I'm sure you could get some cool action shots from some of the races as well if you're ever watching rather than participating. That would be great for this week's candid theme!

Aaron dat golden hour doe

Jesse Lind I prefer the evening golden hour :D

Jesse Lind I just bought my new tookapic book!!! So excited!!!

Tracey Artt Hi I live in Derby, UK originally from Somerset. I have always been interested in photography on a fun basis and my Dad introduced me to tookapic - I find it very challenging taking a photo everyday. Its difficult not to be boring when you do the same work everyday - although I see different dogs each day, the venue is the same. Still don't really understand how to use my camera properly, although Dad does keep explaining things to me and even bought me a photography book for Xmas :)

Aaron Keep at it, that's the whole point - you get better through the practice, and the challenge of finding a shot every day hopefully helps/forces you to think outside your normal box :)

Ana Hello everyone! I'm almost 30 (but I can't believe it) and live in Cracow, Poland, work as HR Specialist. I was always interested in making photos, but after my daughter's birth I realised that I need a better camera. Since I bought my Nikon and then ... since I found tookapic, photography became number 1 of my hobbies (besides Japanese language, baking, reading and music). Because I'm not satisfied with my career I'm thinking about changing my profession... sth connected with photography would be my dream. Maybe it's not too late... It's a great pleasure to observe yours photos, all this project give me a lot of fun!

Paulina M Hi Ana. I'm almost 30 too. This really sucks. I'm a nurse and I'm looking for my perfect job. I'm intereseted in Japanese culture, I've started learning the language few years back, but I gave up. It was too difficult. My greatest life goal - climbing Mt Fuji :)

Ana Oo so we have a lot in common:) Where have you been learning Japanese?

Paulina M I guess so :) I was learning all by myself. I knew all the haragana and katakana characters and some basic sentences. What about you?

Ana So @paulina , try this website ... It's very useful and you can find there many Japanese courses. What about me, I was a student of Sunstar School of Japanese for a few years.

Paulina M Oh so you probably know a lot. I admire you for being able to learn it :) For me the biggest demotivator was the fact that I knew I won't have a chance to actually use Japanese. You need to have a way to do that if you want to learn because otherwise its such a futile task.

Ian Prince Well, you could always write comments on @Satoshi 's photos ;)

Jennifer I've been using this to learn Korean and it has been so helpful! I only know the alphabet and a few words right now, but its excellent! I wish had Korean, but their project with it is underway so it will be here soon!

*Edit: after I published this comment, I had to laugh when i realized I had ended every sentence with an exclamation point. ^.^

MorryJooh Photography I'm Joseph from Kenya, doing wedding photography and graphic design at #VisualDo_Media. Am also a starter on blogging []. My dream is to meet this guy Pawel and tell him he is my inspiration. I would'nt mind making new friends here.

Jesse Lind Oh trust me, you will definitely make friends if you are looking for some :D

Jennifer It should also be easy enough to tell @Paweł that because he usually checks in on these kinds of things. :)

(We're all here for tookapic!)