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Photo rating - many questions

What's that photo rating thing? What is the aim of this functionality? Photo rating is the first thing on tookapic I do really not like! Who is rating the pics? A robot? Why is it so contradictory? Who decided what a bad composition or a great lightning is? Is a standardised feedback not counterproductive and discouraging if you want want to find your own style? And what, if you do not agree with the rating? Does this mean you are a bad photographer? Imagine all users wanting to take pics that are rated high... Couldn't this lead to photographies that will all look the same way and lack individuality just for pleasing the robot? It may be a good thing to be able to look at the rating myself if I want to get this sorts of a feedback - but am I narcisstic if I feel like it is redundant that the whole community can see how my pics are rated? Can I switch it off?


jokele I'm looking for the like button here, so I can like your whole article :-) I have the same questions. I do not like such an automatically and standardised generated feedback either.

Paweł Kadysz Thank you for the feedback.

VIVID EXPOSURE What do you mean there is a rating button for pictures...?

Marek Szymczuk There is but only for premium users. You can read more about it here - changelog.tookapic.com/photo-r....

VIVID EXPOSURE Thanks for explaining it. @Marek szymczuk

vera At first I had exactly the same questions and disagreeable impressions of being ruthlessly judged. But I noticed the contradictions and thought that this is surely an automatic function. Then by browsing my photos and those of others, I found it still interesting from a technical point of view. Artistically and on aesthetics, I think this is a very debatable assessment. So in my opinion, that gives some tracks to progress... But we just don't let the creativity be stifled!

jazzie I would actually like to know what is behind the ratings, i.e. how the computer is programmed to judge for instance the composition or color combination. Just the information 'bad composition' doesn't help you to improve your compositions if you do not understand why the rating says it is bad...

vera That's right!
A critique is relevant if it is explicit, if one knows why it is formulated and it also makes it possible to verify it!

tania LOL LOL LOL. I just discovered this function !! I found the comments on my pictures so funny !
Where's the subject?
Unpleasant lightning
Unoriginal subject.
I think... it made my day ;) and so true today...

Nutt I've just discovered it too - thank you @jazzie! Then I read the post (thanks @marek Szymczuk for explaining and for the link) saying it's automated and not to take it too seriously... and I've been giggling my way through my ratings since... :)

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Comment was deleted

Michael Gatton I kinda like it. It's a bit harsh sometimes, but I usually see what the criticism is addressing and I reject the criticism in some cases and accept it in others. Amusing to have a B&W criticized for "dull colors." :-)

Michael Gatton Also it would be nice to see a ranking of my pics according to ratings, either in statistics or as a sorting option on profile page...

vera Yes! It would be interesting to compare it with popularity and with the subjective feeling, I mean how you like your photos!

Satoshi T If you don't want to see photo-score right now, you can turn off it.
Please try to remeve check : My account - Settings - Hero options - Test beta features.

now this function can not be turned off independently, but if it is officially released, You will be able to turn it off independently, -wink to @Marek -

Marek Szymczuk Wink. 😉

Satoshi T I have looked at some ratings of my own pictures.
If AI is doing all of this automatically, it is awesome - at first I imagine @Paweł rating thousands of pics with check sheet in his hand :) -.

Photographer who is expressing special aims at specific themes should not care about this "general" evaluation.

But from the viewpoint of whether or not a picture will be selected from the general people from stock photo page, I think the photo which get high score from this evaluation is likely to be chosen.

the other hand , from point of CC, This AI seems to cover some of the parts @Michael pointed out at tookapic.com/talks/292-feedbac....

vera Thank you Satoshi for the link!

Michael Gatton @Satoshi - Yes, I can take a few pointers from the ratings comments. Ratings might also be a starting point for more constructive dialog. Like, the ratings algorithm says bad composition - how exactly is it bad? Or is it just unorthodox?

Satoshi T @Michael - I agree with you. From a constructive point of view, it is rather welcome if discussion begins "AI says it is bad, but Rather Photographer expression is better".
In that sense, I am more interested in the each criticism of the AI in the lower rows rather than the Score Value itself.

VIVID EXPOSURE I can just imagine @Paweł doing it, lol...?

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jazzie Funny: Go to the page with the featured pictures and look at the ratings. Many pics picked by the team would never have been chosen by that robot. Long live the humans! :)

Paweł Kadysz You know we have no rankings based on those AI scores. Noone is asking you to take photos just to please the robot. And you should definitely not take those scores 100% seriously.

jazzie Of course I don't!

Jola I like it. I like the robot and I take it with a smile and distance. My tells me that the best pictures I make in the macro :D . He also says-your picture like 20 people, but I appreciate them on 8.8 ha ha ha

Łukasz Brożek It's interesting how algorythms work. Sometimes comments are so funny.
I checked most of my photos and I can say AI is so accurate in my case about what people like.
Photos with big amount of likes - my top 10, have biggest rates.

365 Shades of Calvados I remember when Picasa's face identification algorhythm identified my dog's leg as a face :)

Satoshi T Feedback about design : The fact that the Score Value is visible at the same time as the photograph -it is only an evaluation of AI- it gives an "unnecessary prejudice" to the viewer, so it is not so good that there is a display of the Score Value directly under the pic.

Michael Gatton Agreed - but I'm noticing in some users the score is visible by default, in others I have to click on the (?). What's that about?

Satoshi T Probably the(?) is displayed at the beginning. I think that when someone clicks on it, the AI will start to evaluate and it will be cached.
After that, the score is displayed as default.
It is my assumption...

Paweł Kadysz It works exactly how you described it.

Satoshi T While seeing some pictures, I noticed the same thing as @Michael , I clicked on my old picture and confirmed the result.

Satoshi T Now I found it was changed to statistics report icon. Thank you @Marek and @Kasper Very fast work as always!

Paweł Kadysz Ok, guys. We've changed how it works. No more score visible directly under the photo - so you can simply ignore the icon and just don't click it if you don't want to.

Also - we removed the list of good and bad things about the photo and replaced it with a much more pleasant comment. Thank you for your patience. I hope this version will actually make you smile from time to time ;)

Thumbs up for @Marek for actually implementing this on Sunday evening.

jazzie Oh, now I have a bad conscience 😳😉 it is very positive now, maybe it can become a liiittle bit more critical again in future, but don't tell this Marek, he should enjoy the sunday evening!

jokele I like the comments, it has a bit of a wink now. I got a solid 6.9/10 :-) Funny! You guys did a good job now. Thank you @Paweł and @Marek!

tania Good job. Nice comments ! Thanks a lot !

Jola Great comments. Very, very like them. This is cool "I'm not a fan of this picture, probably never will be" :D . @Paweł @Marek and others big bravo - "you deserve it, champ"

Margie I seem to be giving the robot headaches.......

Margie The robot said my dog is a terrier and she isn't. She is a Coton de Tulear. :))) Not sure how to rate the robot on this.

jazzie Rate the rating 😄

Satoshi T @Marek you've brought up AI so far!! now AI can encourage even those who do not receive other person's comments! Now it can be a good reason to get Hero.
To be honest, I feel like as @jazzie . in future, I want a option check box for AI to say tough comment like "you need to improve this point" for only to the person a photo took him/herself.

VIVID EXPOSURE Can somebody explain to me why my discussion didn't last 2 answers, and this one lasted 40, am I doing something wrong...?

ponzu Is this feature gone? It should have been an opt-in.

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LIDO I do not like the rating of the photos. When the picture is cool, I write a comment.

agnieszka bladzik this is 2 year old topic and this feature is no longer available :)