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Show me around Poland!


Hi all!

I'm trying to get the last plans in place for heading to Poland from the US for the Tookapic party in October. I know a LOT of y'all are from there, so here are my requests/questions:

  • where should I go and what should I do?
  • anyone want to meet up and explore with me?
  • any couches open to me would also be greatly helpful

I'm planning to be in Crakow the 16th-20th, but I'm wildly flexible on that. Gdansk is calling to me as well from some of the stunning photos I've seen posted from there. Love it!

Hope to see you soon~

Started by Jennifer Jennifer on
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  • Hanna G

    I invite you to Gdansk - accommodation, catering and photo session in my garden (and not only in my garden) - assured

  • T L

    Me and @Rafal we invite you to Warsaw!

  • Szymon Maciejczyk

    Wadowice - pope city. Be my guest 😀 ... Cracow ? if you will be there I will be happy to see you and spent some time 😀

  • Kazziz

    I'm going to Poznań after tookabirthday, with a quick Sunday visit at Białowieża. I should be be back in Cracow around Thursday's afternoon (19th), and looking at the schedule, I don't have strict working hours on Friday.

  • Jennifer

    So update - I'll be in Warsaw Saturday afternoon and booking it over to Bialystok for tookapic activities 😀 after that I'm flexible, but need to be back in Warsaw to leave Thursday morning (sad, too soon). @Hanna or @Magda if either of you are also going to the meetup could I head back to Gdansk with you? Spend a day or two in the area and then head down to Warsaw. I don't think I'll have time to get to Krakow on this trip which is really sad, but I can always come back. ^.^

    • Magda Ko

      Jennifer what time do you arrive in Warsaw? I am taking train from Warszawa to Białystok at 12:08. Maybe we can meet already. I try to plan one day off to show you arround with @Hanna (monday or tuesday).

      • Jennifer

        My flight doesn't get in until 14:30 so I will probably come meet up with everyone that evening rather than for the start of the party. Thank you though!

      • Magda Ko

        Do you have plans how to get to Białystok? Do you need any advice?

      • Jennifer

        I know there's a train to Bialystok from Warsaw that I can catch, but do I need to buy a ticket before or can I do it while I'm there? Do they often sell out? Does it need to be cash if I buy it there?

        Also advice for more local travel, like from the train station to the party palace, any pubs we go to, etc. Is there something like Uber, or regular taxis, or buses? Which is most reliable, cheapest, fastest, etc?

      • Jennifer

        Also, more generally: what's the weather like for mid/northern Poland right now? I think it's pretty similar to where I live (Boston) but figure I can check with someone who actually lives there. 😉

      • Paweł Kadysz

        No Uber in Bialystok. There are taxis. And the train station is close to where the party is. I don't think you'll pay more than $8.

        The pub we'll have the afterparty at is 300m away from where the official part will be. No need for a cab.

        As for the weather - it is pretty cold, windy and rainy. Right now it's around 8°C. It goes down to 3-4° at night. The forecast says there should be no rain on Saturday, but I wouldn't believe it 100%.

      • agnieszka bladzik

        you can buy online pkp.pl - there are discounts if you buy in advance and it's enough to have it on your mobilephone; or you can buy on train station or even in the train itself [you need to find conductor for that, may charge extra fee] - they will sell you ticket even if the seating places are sold out; 1st class always have some free seats thou. Also there are some shuttle buses from airport to bialystok directly: busy.info.pl/...

    • Magda Ko

      Jeniffer, hava a look at this train connection. If you manage to catch train from airport at 15:35 than you need to change train in Warszawa Zachodnia for Intercity Train to Białystok (arriving at 18:41) it might be the fastes and comfortable connection for you.


      • Ojrza

        Have you been to Warsaw already? I study there and also would be very happy to hang around! 😄

        • Jennifer

          I'm heading there tonight but have to catch an early morning flight. We could do dinner or an evening picture walk?

    • Satoshi T

      @Jennifer after you access pkp.pl , please click 'KUP BILET' . after that, you can select language on the top of screen.

      • Hanna G


        what's up with you ?

        Do you come to Gdansk? when?

        let me know because i do not know what to do ..

      • ponzu

        So? Has the eagle landed? We want photos and stories.

        @Paweł we know about the one photo a day thing, but should there be some a supplemental photo sharing capability in the Community section, or are people on their own to post photos to Flickr and such and share here?

        • Paweł Kadysz

          Actually adding photos to talks is exactly what I announced on Saturday. Give us few days.

          • ponzu

            Great minds think alike (except in Russia, where they say "Fools have similar thoughts"). Sorry I missed the announcement.

        • Jennifer

          Yes haha, I am on my way to Krakow now after meeting with @Hanna and @Magda in Gdansk, and spent some time in Bialystok this weekend. Pictures will have to wait until I'm home in the US, but Hania posted a photo from when we went to Oliwa Park. 😀

        • Kazziz

          @Jennifer is in Cracow till Friday afternoon, anybody want to have a walk around town? @Paweł @Michał @Roman @Tomasz @klaudyna @pgrab @kasiek @Magdalena @Basiek @tzachmost @Robert @zlasu @sylwia if anyone of You are gonna have a walk around town tomorrow, let us know 😀

          • sylwia penc

            I'm so sorry I have a work and all the weekend I am very busy. But have a Google time. Maybe net time

            • pgrab

              Unfortunately we have plans for that evening already. Too bad 😞

              • Paweł Te

                I think i'll be able to find some free time from about 6pm (isn't too late?:), and i'm happy to join:) Any details?

              • tzachmost

                Didn't saw your comment yesterday! I'd love to, but I think it's too late now, as I'm busy after 4 o'clock.

                • Kazziz

                  She's on the train to Warsaw already. What a wonderful human being, never saw somebody so happy about a delicious dumpling! Hope Warsaw crew will have some good time with her 😀

                • Jennifer

                  Aww thanks 😊 They were just so tasty!!! Maybe you take it for granted because you live in that amazing place, but please never forget to enjoy those sweet pierogies 😍 (and life in general!)

            • Jennifer

              Hello again y'all! I'm not stuck at an airport this time, thank goodness. I'm safely home and had a lot of catching up to do, both with posting my photos and recovering at work.

              I had an extremely excellent time and so much of that was for the wonderful people I got to meet. @Hanna was so patient and kind in hosting me and keeping me fed with her delicious cooking. I got to see the legendary pier of many of get photos, too, which was a delight. @Magda was kind enough to join us for dinner as well, and we had a lovely time out after dark along the water in Gdansk. Big thanks to both of them for helping me with some confusing issues with the trains in my first few days in Poland.

              Krakow gave me @Kazziz who legitimately changed my life by introducing me to the first beer I've ever enjoyed and willingly finished. And by sharing some stunningly delicious pierogies with me. AND by charming the lady at the train station into giving me a ticket eight minutes before the train left, then running madly through the station to get aboard.

              You are all wonderful lovely people - and I'll see you again next year?? 😁

              • Kazziz

                Definitely 😀 next time feel invited to stay at my place for as long as You want, Cracow has many secrets yet to discover!

                • Jennifer

                  Thanks, don't forget that offer! I hope it stands even if you end up somewhere else I might want to visit 😉 It would be kind of funny if you lived somewhere they primarily speak English, so if I visited I'd be the language expert even as the guest and you'd be the navigation expert of us xD

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