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Photobook features needed

Starting to think about my shiny new photobook, along with my first 365 project finish. Apart from "l'art pour l'art" pics, some of them are related to important - or even very important - events in my life:

  1. Is there a way to include descriptions in the photobook? Pleaseee...
  2. If so :D - I'd heartily welcome "private" descriptions, i.e. ones added directly to the photobook when set up.

The second point is not that mandatory - I can just change descriptions during the photobook edit - but first one would be IMO a really good feature.


Paweł Kadysz @torero We are currently working on completely new version of Tookapic. It will be rewritten and redesigned from scratch. We're dropping a lot of features that are being rarely used and yet cause some problems.

This unfortunately includes photobooks. We're not dropping that completely. We will be switching to Minibooks: "Tookapic Mini-books?". The editor as we have it now will no longer exist.

That means its the last 6 to 8 weeks you can still order the "old" photobook.

There are no plans for adding "private descriptions" to the photobooks, even though I think it's a nice idea.

120mr But those photobooks are awesome!

jazzie Well. I should not write anything here since I never ordered a tookabook. The reason is simple: my boyfriend gave me one for christmas, but he ordered it at another company since there is no possibility on tookapic to make photobooks for somebody else (?). I can understand the frustration of all the users who already have one of the normal books and wanted to add one in the same size after the second... third... fourth... year. On the other hand I like the size of the new ones, but if they're max. 60 pages thick (as pawel wrote in his tookapic-minibooks-post) this would be a reason not to order one. I want one really fat book after a year 😋 or one really, really fat book after 1000days. that would be cool 😄 not 6 or 17 small books 🙈😂

Gosia Wow, I'm shocked and surprised that you are dropping photobooks... Getting my own photobook after completing the project is the biggest motivation for me. Sad sad sad.... And the square crop in minibooks won't go well with my Sea stories photos. :( :/

Urszula Stachowicz Agree, I was waiting for my second one :C

Paweł Kadysz Current books are also square.

Gosia True, but I see it's possible to arrange photos, like here "Print #5" As a result, not all photos have to be square.

Paweł Kadysz In the minibooks photos are printed in the middle of the page (one photo per page). If you have a photo in vertical orientation, it’ll be printed in whole leaving space on the sides. If you have a photo in horizontal orientation - it’ll also be printed in whole leaving space at top and bottom of the page. You’re not forced to crop photos in squares. Only the cover should be square, but that’s the same case in current photobooks.

Gosia Cool. Now that you've explained this it doesn't sound so bad. Thanks!

120mr But I have to aks - why cancelling existing photobooks? I'm composing two new books now and these books with a whole year are the biggest joy for me and a big big motivation. It's so wonderfull that I can take to my hand something like that, something what I composed. Often when I take pics during the week I think about how pages in the book would be look like. If colors or theme of pics are matchig. There is any chance to leave these photobooks or order them in other way or order them directly in printery or anythig else? I have to admit that in my head I have ideas for covers to books for few years ;)

jewels Fully agree... I really like having all 365 photos in a single book and was really looking forward to close my 2nd year with a matching one. I hope they will still be available by the time I finish! Sure, mini ones look cool, but not sure they would be a format for me.

Shawn Any idea yet what the final cost would be? It sounds like I might end up with too many streak photos. I will have to improve.

agnieszka bladzik what i'm not sure about the mini one is that it's automatically generated after 60 photos, so you cannot arrange them in themes, or omit some photos. still i did not order normal one and most likely will not order mini one. they seamed to me to expensive, especially shipping

Dominique I tried to order a photo book, but it didn't get to me. Probably got stuck in customs. I did get my money back, but I never tried to purchase another one. Maybe I'll look into mini books.

vera After a great number of photos, I would be happy to be able to select photos not only in the menu "all photos" or "first project" or "second project"..., but also my different galeries. I would like to create photobooks by themes and it would be great feature, a gain a time for me. Could it be something possible in the future?

Kateli Photobooks... I love them ! I did my first 60 photos, then 61 to 120, then 121 to 180... So the 60 photos seams good to me !
Will we be able to choose the photos or will it be exclusively automatic (60 to 6o to 60...) ?
Is the quality the same ??

Thanks for all the work and energy you put into tookapic to make it great !!