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The only thing worse than being a GWC is being a GWoC: Guy Without a Camera

It's weird always running around with a camera or phone, pointing at things, stopping in the middle of the street, squatting, rearranging wet blades of grass, approaching dogs and their owners, kids and their parents, always lagging behind the group or running ahead, shooting neon signs, closeups, fog, rain, sunsets, clouds, shooting while driving, eating, drinking coffee, walking the dog, kayaking, flying, biking. It is weird, annoying, embarrassing and tedious.

The only thing worse is not doing those things, or doing them and not sharing the results.

I would like to end my Tookapic vacation. I did not know it's been this long.


Paweł Kadysz On point. Welcome back.

marta_ii It's really nice to see you back😊

Margie I love this summation of being a photographer. Welcome back. Nice to have another Tookapic US.

Kazziz True dat!