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Deleting accounts.

Hey everyone, I need to share some thoughts with You, thoughts about deleting accounts.

There's been a wave of people choosing to burn their photography past when tookapic became paid-only, and I should've written my thoughts then - but my time-travel machine is still broken. During the past month I've noticed a few more people deleted their accounts, and - what's most surprising - some of them put up new ones under the same names.

And now, when I hear "I could no longer look at my old photos", my heart bleeds. Isn't tookapic about the journey, the progress, the possibility to take a look into your photographic past and comparing it with current skills? It's not, like, Your facebook account and galleries, that (someone sometimes) can look through and judge You, Your portfolio that will keep You from getting a dream job because of a low-level photos, instagram account that has to be cleaned because of sponsors, who wants to pay You - but are uncomfortable about some of Your past photos. It's the one and only portal about THE JOURNEY towards taking better photos. About daily excercise, Your one and only "daily quest" diary.

And when You really feel, that You need a fresh start and don't want to have your new account connected with Your previous work (mainly: when You don't feel like "RESTART" button is for You) - wouldn't it be better to leave the old account, old photos, just change the account's name, put up a new account under old name and start anew?

For me deleting an account "because I can't look at those photos any more" sounds like burning your diary from when you were thirteen years old. Or nine, if someone wrote a diary when they were nine. Why is that? Because You can't stand the person You were at that age? Hey, past is gone, You won't change it - but You can still learn from it and.. maybe someday, five (or fifteen... or fifty) years from now, You'd like to take a look at it with an indulgent smile, maybe laugh a little from Your photography skills from that time. But You won't be able to do it if You delete the account permanently.

So... please, even if Your journey with tookapic is over, even if You don't want to restart the project, and especially - if You feel like You need a fresh start... consider my humble request and just don't delete Your account any more.


craig Well said! I think in time people who deleted their accounts may regret doing so.

Magda Ko I think people are here from different reason. Some do not write anything and taking streak after streak picture just to finish project or want to learn new things. Not everyone are here to have diary.

Kazziz I didn't say everyone has a diary, I just compared it to burning an old diary :)

Magda Ko This is pity that we can not come back to some photos, but I understand that someone is doing it, maybe I would do the same when quiting Tookapic.

Paweł Kadysz Streak after streak (if not time bent) is still kind of a diary. For me a set of streak pics just reminds me that I was overworked or really tired that day. Still describes my every day life...

At least, I think about this that way.

Magda Ko I know that for You this was/is primary reason for project (i remember it from your video) but it is not case for everyone and not everyone has such personal attitiude to project as @Kazziz . 8 people have started project because of me. Only 2 finished, none of them is continuing on daily basys. One of them closed account after a couple of days, other was taking snapshot by phone and probably forget already about project, another one time band at least 2-3 times a week.

Paweł Kadysz You're totally right. It all depends on the approach and attitude. It's not for everyone and it's impossible to force someone to continue. They need to WANT to do it.

Streak pics, lack of time, lack of inspiration, no ideas - that's not a problem if you're committed to the idea of 365 and are aware of the benefits it brings once you overcome the struggles.

That's why Tookapic is not for everyone (very narrow niche) and that's why the people here are so unique.

People also delete their accounts because they're embarrased with the fact they failed at such a simple (at least they thought it was) challenge. Once the account and photos are gone it's like it never happened.

Rafal Problem is that some people want to take every photo great, especially while they win photo of the day or have many likes, and they think that every photo will be super. They push too much! My strategy is different - I know that for few days in a week I take streak pictures or pics as a diary pics, knowing that i will have opportunity to take great (in my opinion) pictures while i will be in the nice part of the world or during weekend and take some nature pictures from the garden or from the trip or whatever. But I think many of them gets frustrated while streak pics are every day with no chance for "supershot" for a longer time. Look around! There are many themes we can take great pictures around You - in the kitchen, of your pets, everyday objects given nicely

Joe Fortin Thanks for putting that in words Rafal.

There are days when life happens and the opportunity (or the engergy, or the inspiration, or the desire...) just isn't there. On days like that, breaking out the cellphone and taking a picture of whatever, is difficult. After all, here I am, just some guy with a camera who, if I'm being honest, is more of an enthusiast than anything else, who posts pictures on the internet. It can be disheartening to post a random snapshot of something funny I saw when others are posting the most amazing images.

And then I remember why I'm here: This project is for me to share, learn, amd grow. If all I can manage is a goofy, grainy, gaudy photo than so be it.

(And maybe, just maybe, one of my crap/cheap/dump/blah shots will encourage someone else to keep with *their* project. Not every photo needs to be on the cover of a magazine.)

Sandra Klein I already wrote my thoughts to Kazziz but I just want to say that not everyone deleted their accounts because "oh, my old photos were ugly, right now I can do it better". Maybe someone just doesn't want to look at old photos because its remind about very hard time in life and ok... Totally forget about this part of life it's impossible but someone doesn't have to look at it and can just delete account and start again because... I just want be here again?

Gogi Golzman well said man, Don't delete you past my friends .. in couple years you will see your old photos and you will laugh and learn how much you developed in those years =]

Kazziz It's true not only about photos, but also about life

Satoshi T As for me, I think that photos published to the Internet are like sent letters.
After sending a letter, even if something goes wrong, the letter that I sent out does not come back and can not be erased from the memory of those who have already seen.
Rather than worrying forever, thinking that 'life is such thing', I will not erase the photos of the past...

120mr Well said.