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Tookapic Swiss Meeting #7

Hi All!

And... we have a date!

It will take place on Saturday, 1 September late afternoon- early evening in the outskirts of Geneva!

Please let us know if you can join!

Looking forward to seeing all the Swiss community there! And of course everyone else 😀

Let us knock if you can join!



jazzie Not possible for me... this is one of the few weekends in next autumn I have already planned something 🤔

jewels So sorry, we set the date last night and it was the only one that worked for everyone 🙃

vera Yes I can!!!!🎉

agnieszka bladzik argh, flights are really cheap for this date [Thursday-Tuesday from Warsaw today with wizz discount, if somebody would like to go], yet I already booked 2 weeks holiday in September, don't think my boss will agree for more

jewels Oh no! Maybe we could talk to your boss? All joking aside, you can also tell us when you would be able to come and we’ll organize a meeting especially for you 😀

Kateli Fabulous idea ! So sorry I missed you all last night ! I'll be there on the 1st September !! Can't wait !!

Dayana Cool and great idea, i’m happy to meet everbody 🤗👌🏼

Michel Neufeld I think I can 😀, but I will confirm ! I am looking forward !

greenlight Yes!

Kateli Where will you be coming from again ?? ;0)
Will be great to see you again !!

Kateli Will @Kazziz be able to come ???

Kazziz highly doubtable, but I'll think about it :)

edit: yes. I'm coming.

Vincent I hope i will be able to come 🙏🏻 ! I will confirme ;)

myno great, i will be there!

Kazziz OK, my wonderful Swiss friends. I've made a decision - I'll be there. Since there is not so much time and really many things to prepare, I'm gonna need some help. @tania , @Ian - can I count on Your people? ;-)

Since I'm coming, I want You to have some use of my knowledge about cameras, photography etc. - I may not be a great photographer (and my tookapic lays dormant for the last 4 weeks), but I know cameras in and out I don't want to waste that time - knowledge (and happiness) multiplies, when You share them.

Do You want to have an "Olympus (and other cameras) masterclass with Kazzi"? Who wants to know, how to shoot photos like my last one uploaded, which is "Platan"? (I really did it in one try, and there is ZERO computer developments in this photos).
Would You like to do it on Saturday or Sunday? I really want us to relax during Your SwissMeeting, but before going for a beer (or on the day after) - can we go to a studio? Can we go shooting landscapes? Maybe a few tripods and night shots? I'm open for ideas, remember - Olympus cameras have many options You're not aware of (Like Live-comp, a perfect mode for light-painting) and I'd gladly show You some of them.

And now, since the decision is made, I need someone to look for the cheapest flight tickets from Poland (preferably Cracow/Katowice, but the price is going to be our priority), cause in 10 minutes I'm leaving again and I won't be back home for another 20-something hours.

ps. I'm sorry to say, that I don't speak French - but my English is goodenough, and I think we can handle this. I can try to memorise some photography terminology in French, but I cannot promise :)

tania Wow ! How good! Anything you want to do, I'm in. Already booked my week-end. May have the kids on Saturday. Open for workshops. Have enough place at home if Martina and you need a place. Just let us know. Not working on Friday to pick you up in Geneva or whenever you need. But I'll be working on Monday and Tuesday....
Looking forward !

Kazziz Let's not waste the time - EasyJet Cracow-Geneva 01.09. 9:35->11:35, return 04.09 18:00->20:00. Tickets have been bought (screen: mega.nz/#!BtNRXATQ!16cExo642QP...)


So now, Ladies and Gentlemen, please think of workshops we're gonna do there.

vera Wow ! Great that you’ll come here !!! I’m looping forward to meet you! And I’m intestested to make light painting! 😉

Kazziz Martina isn't coming.

tigg The Swiss meet is getting so tempting - still trying to plan a few more family days away though ...... I love doing night shots with my Oly. I see I have a stars and moon gallery on tookapic, but these are obviously only the ones I’ve posted here. Hope you all have a great time ......

Kazziz If we can leave the city and go somewhere with small light pollution, we can shoot night skies

Ian Prince Like at my place 😁

Kazziz Sounds great. What else do You want to know? :D

Manon I will do everything I can to show up - finally - ! And it will be a good ending for my 2 years in Tookapic community! ;)

vera Great! One more reason to celebrate!🎉

jewels Hi All! Looking forward to seeing some of you on 1 September :-) If you plan to join, could you kindly send me your email address by private message so that we can start planning the logistics? Thanks :-)

jewels Also please share to anyone interested to join us 😀

Kazziz maybe we can make a nice whatsapp talk or something like this?

jewels Absolutely! I am still waiting to receive everybody’s email and we can then set up a WhatsApp group!

Vincent So… My request for leave was refused.... I finish the job on the 1st September at 19:00 and I resume work the next day at 05:45. But i'll spend a moment after work to see you :D

Kateli Wow that's brave ! But you're so young and don't need that much sleep I suppose ?!!! ;0)

Vincent Haha no problem ! I can't miss the opportunity to see all of you !

tania Perfect then....

Kazziz Hey, Swiss company! Time is running out, we're seeing in three weeks - and I'd like to share some of my knowledge and want You to give me some questions and subjects to talk about before I come! Is the whatsapp talk on, @jewels ?

Kateli Ok ! There was one configuration on my olympus omd 1 mark 2 when I bought it and I lost it when going through the menus... it let you follow a subject one had focused on with 9 little squares. Could you show me how to use that again ?

There are other functions like bulb, etc that I don't really know how to use...

And I'm sure you have loads of other little tricks to teach us...

:0) Hope others add to this ?!?

vera Bulb interests me, I have no idea what is it??? ;p

Kazziz Subjects for now:
- AF modes and how to switch them
- long exposures, light painting, live bulb/time and live comp explained
- wifi transfer (and how to do it efficient way)
maybe @Ian will add something to it?

Ian Prince (1) Custom pre-sets : why and how (2) The different IBIS modes: how slow can you go (3) EVF display modes - choose the right one

Kateli We could also add how to do light painting with a flash at the end of the exposure... ?!

Kazziz Light painting is a great idea, just don't forget your tripods ;-)

Kateli ok.

vera Kateli never forgets her tripod, remember last swiss meeting in Vevey, you was the only one with a tripod! ;P

Kateli Hi hi hi !!