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Tookapic Swiss Meeting #7


Hi All!

And... we have a date!

It will take place on Saturday, 1 September late afternoon- early evening in the outskirts of Geneva!

Please let us know if you can join!

Looking forward to seeing all the Swiss community there! And of course everyone else 😀

Let us knock if you can join!


Started by jewels jewels on
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  • jazzie

    Not possible for me... this is one of the few weekends in next autumn I have already planned something 🤔

    • jewels

      So sorry, we set the date last night and it was the only one that worked for everyone 🙃

    • vera

      Yes I can!!!!🎉

      • agnieszka bladzik

        argh, flights are really cheap for this date [Thursday-Tuesday from Warsaw today with wizz discount, if somebody would like to go], yet I already booked 2 weeks holiday in September, don't think my boss will agree for more

        • jewels

          Oh no! Maybe we could talk to your boss? All joking aside, you can also tell us when you would be able to come and we’ll organize a meeting especially for you 😀

        • Kateli

          Fabulous idea ! So sorry I missed you all last night ! I'll be there on the 1st September !! Can't wait !!

          • Dayana

            Cool and great idea, i’m happy to meet everbody 🤗👌🏼

            • Michel Neufeld

              I think I can 😀, but I will confirm ! I am looking forward !

                • Kateli

                  Where will you be coming from again ?? ;0)

                  Will be great to see you again !!

                • Kateli

                  Will @Kazziz be able to come ???

                • Vincent

                  I hope i will be able to come 🙏🏻 ! I will confirme 😉

                  • MyNo

                    great, i will be there!

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