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Can not return to where I tapped the pic that I want to know more.

The new update of Tookapic has something new, l like those changes. Congratulations! But only one thing it’s not that convenient. When I look at all the photos at the home page and find some one, I love or interest in, I tap it and I can learn more there. After reading this and closing it, it return back to the home page where it’s very beginning spot. If the photo that I just looked stayed some back pages and I want to continue my searching I need to click to again and again. It’s not quite convenient. Hope to get some improvement. It can be back where I leave.

If my feedback is the only one, please ignore it.



Marcin K. Have the same problem. :-(

Viola Qniej the same!

Michał Agree, it's quite annoying. Would love to see a fix for that :)

myno Me too

Satoshi T In my case, even if I was at Following pics list, I forced to go to Populer pics list after seeing individual pic page. To avoid this, I now open another window or open a tab to see individual pics.

LIDO Good idea

LIDO Have the same problem

Wiecznie Zielony Report it here, like I did: airtable.com/shr8KCByDXRQ9K8n5

120mr But quite often it happens to me by mistake - both phone and pc. When I scroll a lot to find some pic I have to be much more careful - one tap and I have to start everything from the beginning. It's a big inconvenience on the phone where you have no mouse.

Michel Neufeld I have the same problem !

Maciej Kaleta I have the same problem

aparatka I have the same problem !

eventide Edward is right!