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How do I start a new year?

Hi there, I had an aborted attempt at a 365 Project in 2018, and gave up fairly quickly, and I've just started uploading again for 2019. My stats say that my latest photo is Day 23. Is there anyway to tell the system to start a new year and so show that I'm on Day 2? Thanks!


gerlos Good question. I'm in the same situation.

Actually, I decided to add my own project numbering in the photo title (e.g. "day 1"), and I'm fine with it.

Moreover, I like that number - it remembers me my previous efforts: even if today is "day 2" of my current project, it's nice to know that I already posted 222 shots in the past.

Paweł Kadysz That feature will be implemented later this month or in February.

EDIT: It is possible, but you need to send me a date you want your project to reset on in a private message or support ticket.

Ian Prince Ok but will you be able to back-date the project reset, I.e. reset the project to 1.1.2019 on (say) 15.2.2019?

Ian Prince 👍👍

Stuart McIntyre That's awesome news, thanks Pawel

Mirella I need this option too :D