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What is your favorite part of the new tookapic.

It has been live for like 3 weeks now and frankly I love it! My favorite part is the history at the bottom of every photo allowing me to see all my previous shots. Really cool to go back in time to see what I have done and how far I have come since I started this project! I am curious what others are seeing as their new favorite parts!


agnieszka bladzik agree, journey view - is the best part :D Surprisingly I'm also quite ok with hidden likes :) I also like that now you can see photos of the day in one tab

Paweł Kadysz Journey is my favorite part too. I like 'year ago' tile on the homepage as well. We are going back to horizontal grid though since vertical does not work as good as expected.

Ian Prince Great that you’re bringing the horizontal grid back as I was finding the vertical grid hard to scan with my eyes. Must be because I’m used to reading from left to right 😁

jazzie Oh no... I have to admit that the vertical grid is hard to scan with the eyes, BUT on the other hand I really like it for the fact that vertical pics get more space than horizontal ones. Everybody takes more horizontal pics because it is for most of us the normal way to hold a camera and - some smart ones maybe - because vertical pics were almost invisible in the old horizontal layout. I fear they're going back to their wallflower existence in a new horizontal layout? And after a short time of getting used to the new layout I like its a bit chaotic look.

jokele I've just realized, you've already did the change. Thank you :-)

Kateli Must say that I prefer a horizontal grid.

Ian Prince *Much* prefer the new horizontal photo-centric grid: way cleaner and way easier to read 👏

Paweł Kadysz Maybe we should go even further and go back to square pics and mandatory cropping :P

Just kidding.

Ian Prince It’s funny you write that, I was thinking about that too. @Viola too maybe 😁

Viola Qniej it was very good! I loved to look at the whole picture and have a surprise!

Nicolas Camenisch I also really like the journey feature, but one thing that I miss are the previous and next picture buttons. Especially on mobile this makes it harder to navigate.

tigg You can choose your crop for the square thumbnail on blipfoto. No opinion here, just information

jazzie Something I liked on the view with the black frames around the pics was that I could see the title of the pic on mouseover. I miss this now ;-)

Kateli The history is great, one gets to see their old photos !! Everything is easy to get to also !!

Edward Chang When I keep my phone screen in horizontally, could see more details!

Sam Patzer Wow this is cool! TIL!

jenth23 I miss the old version, especially the list of cameras

Ian Prince And the reviews 😢

Luke I like how the comments float on the right side of the photos, it feels like a really efficient use of the space, and I don't have to scroll as much on desktop.

agnieszka bladzik ok my least favorite or most anoying - missing 'up' button/arrow - hope it's not supper difficult to implement ;)