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Sean Tucker - Youtube Channel

Sean Tucker
I’m more interested in the ‘why’ of photography than in the ‘how’. There are loads of channels out there enthusiastically giving you gear reviews and top ten...

I came across this channel by accident and as of late has become my number one go to channel for photography. I like his style of simply talking about a topic that currently interests him. It's like having someone discuss things with you over coffee or beer. If you have the time check him out.


Łukasz Brożek I agree with you. It's one of the best youtube channel about photography and philosophy as well.

I used to like watching "the Art of Photography" YT channel, but unfortunatelly he makes only gear related videos recently.

gerlos Very interesting channel! Thanks for sharing!

Ian Prince Ah yes, the why and not the how of photography! Refreshingly authentic 😊

bizon Thank you for this post. I watched the video considering editing or not editing photos and it made me try to edit my photos. It's not a big thing and I need to think over editing photos but I just want to thank you because it's another little step to make me a better amateur photograper :)