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what do you think of photographers who no longer put an image every day?

Following my previous post yesterday, I ask myself this question. I did more than 4 years without breaking the streak, and I had decided to put images when I am inspired or when I feel like it. It's more comfortable and I love this community. For example, last week I was very ill, so I didn't force myself ... I would like to know your opinion, since the first step is to post 1 image / day ?????


agnieszka bladzik it happens and that's fine. I like to see people coming back after the break. I like to see when someone bulk uploads missing days. it's always a nice surprise when @Kazziz pops back with few photos. what I personally don't like is when the project is made of photos done in one day and posted as separate entries. still, the best thing is that everybody can decide how they run their project

Ian Prince Hi Cicéron & Jamie! Like Agnieszka writes, there's nothing wrong with breaking a streak, even Paweł broke his recently ;)

But like Agnieszka also writes I think the idea is to also only publish photos with real dates and not "time-warp" them, even if that means "holes" in the projects.

That said, each of us is here is different, so I respect those who feel differently!

Oh and I love the community here too :)

Marta Tomaszewska When you've already accomplished 365 and just go further sometimes missing a day or even few I'm fine with that :)

I think that person who stays here and keep the project even not so strict is better than person who leaves. Especially when it's about the project like yours, with some overall idea :)

vera Thanks for asking this question. I was also wondering the same thing. After I finished my first 365, I started, stopped, restarted, missed photos several times, gave up irregularly, and I really hope it doesn't bother anyone if I'm not an everyday devotee. I'm motivated at the moment, but I like having the freedom to be able to take short or long breaks. So for me if someone posts a photo every other day, I absolutely don't mind!
And I also like this community a lot 😘👍🏻!

FlyteWizard I think it's fine, life happens and right now life is very chaotic for a lot of people.

jenth23 I spent most of the last 6 months in hospital so there's not much to photo.

ponzu I thought like you: why take streak photos that don't inspire me or anyone else? Turned out that when I don't force myself, I don't take (or rather, don't post) photos at all. If you can take a healthy one-day or one-week break, good for you. I would not judge you and would envy you. But make sure you don't let the inertia take over.

jokele Thanks for this question, which I asked myself a few times. I'm not in the mood for another 365 for several months now. But I kept taking photos. And Tookapic was one of my greatest motivations to take photos for some years. So maybe it's time to upload something every now and then again.