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Do you see a problem with 1 photographer who has 2 profiles?🙂🤠

I continue my investigation: For the old people of the site, who followed my work, they know that Cicerøn and Ron Dadoo are the same photographer. I remember the story: at the time Tania introduced me to Tookapic and she told me this remark: "if you make a profile, I give myself 15 days to discover you" I took up the challenge and I created the character of Cicerøn. Taking a liking to photography, the constraints of "circles" prevented me from evolving and I created Ron Dadoo to express myself better. I had a lot of fun. 😇😂🤣😅 I quickly revealed myself as Ron Dadoo but neither Tania nor anyone else found the Cicerøn mystery before my "coming out" after 1 year, (😉 @Ian @tania etc.... ) Then I continued until these days with the 2 profiles. Note that I paid for the 2 subscriptions, and that I put likes and followings, only with Ron Dadoo so as not to distort the game. What do you think of this "Double game"?


Marta Tomaszewska I'd say you get what you paid for and meanwhile forcing yourself doing double work ;-)
If you managed to complete two parallel 365 projects I can only say "respect" :D

Artur Łobocki I don't see any problem with that. I ran 2 projects simultaneously for 3 years. My main project @Artur is still active. The second project @prusalinda was mostly a mobile project. Most of the photos were taken by phone. Only a few people knew that these two projects are one and the same person. And that made me happy. However, after 3 years of the mobile project and 5 years of the @Artur project, I found that I cannot mentally maintain 2 projects actively. So as of today the @prusalinda project is no longer active. However, I did not disable the subscription. If one day the motivation returns, I hope, maybe @prusalinda will come back. We will see.

Mariusz Kuberczyk As @Marta said - respect :D Sometimes I'm thinking about a run second project, but, to be honest, I have no time to publish photos daily for my main project :P

Michael Gatton Seems like a win-win-win. We get to follow your two projects, tookapic gets two subscribers for one, you get to post two pictures per day. But I don't know how you maintain that level of discipline!

jazzie Of course I don‘t see a problem with that! I like both of your profiles and sometimes I see how Ron is inspiring Cicerøn and vice versa. I thought about having two profiles sometimes too, one for my ‚normal‘ pics and one for the more project-like ones evolving into series as the current one with the beetle. But I do not have enough motivation to run two projects, so respect!!

Joanna Wow! So you are doing a great project twice! I admire it, well done! 😉

vera Respect! two beautiful projects! You're incredible! I think you're very honest if you give likes to the other photos only as Ron Dadoo. You don't want to use your superpower😅...! Double respect!

ponzu I think it's fascinating. I have trouble keeping one up. I bet @Paweł loves your enthusiasm.
I do have two accounts on Instagram, I think most people have at least that many. One to post photos that are "me", the other to advertise my services. Doing something similar on Tookapic to me would be an inconceivable burden.