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Processing takes a long time

Again processing of my photo is taking a long time. I'm starting to worry that it might be on its sid


jenth23 Just as I expected. It's on its side. Is there any way to correct it? @Paweł Kadysz

tigg My text is there but no picture from yesterday. If it is yesterday’s photo do I have a chance to delete and repost or will that break my streak ( not that that is everything - but I really want to keep my streak)

agnieszka bladzik don't delete, There is an issue with displaying the photos (also separate talk in polish around that). I think once issue is resolved all will be good and streak calculated correctly as well. Happened already few times over the years.

tigg Many thanks.

agnieszka bladzik @Paweł @Marek anybody is working on that?

Paweł Kadysz There's an issue with our service provider. Everything should go back to normal once the issue is resolved.

Nor me or @Marek can do anything about it ourselves. You can however track the issue status here:

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Michael Gatton So Monday, then? - they don't seem to be working over the weekend :-(

Ian Prince Yeah the service provider (Digital Ocean) has experienced an incident that's taking them much longer to fix than usual.

The good news is that there has just been an update (Monday 16h20 EST) that says:

Multiple teams are now engaged in working to mitigate the issues for a subset of Spaces in our AMS3 region. At this time, hardware swaps and augments are in progress and this work will continue for some time. Due to the nature of the issue, we do not have a clear ETA, but best estimates indicate this work should be finished in approximately six hours.

After the hardware work is completed, users should begin to see improved error rates and Spaces functionality. We understand this has been a long process and appreciate your continued patience.

Joe Fortin Oh thank goodness! I was worried that I was having issues on my end (got love uber-rural internet in Ontario).

Maciek Korsan looks like it started to work :)

Ian Prince Yep! I never doubted it would get fixed. All’s well that ends well :)

jenth23 Thanks, but the photo is still on its side

agnieszka bladzik what you use to change the orientation? usually when I only rotate in windows in tookapic it does not see the change, but I already see that when I try to upload such photo

Paweł Kadysz Which photos exactly? Please link them in a comment.

jenth23 My photos from May 29 and May 30. Hard to link them on mobile