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Taking feature requests now

There are some changes coming to tookapic. Nothing spectacular. We're just working on the overall experience. We'll be also working on the speed and performance of the site. The improved tookapic should be ready by the end of November or in the first week of December.

I think this is a good time to ask if you guys have any feature requests. Just remember, these should be small tweaks and fixes, nothing big. We think that tookapic is now almost a complete site and no big changes are necessary.

Before you list your ideas, let me tell what we have coming:

  • iOS app - coming in about two weeks.
  • Brand new tookapic shop with new t-shirts
  • Photo books - you will be able to print a beautiful photo book from your photos.
  • Liking photos from mosaik view - no need to actually open the photo page to like the pic
  • User cards - you'll be able to preview user's profile (basic stats and 3 recent photos) by just pointing your mouse cursor over the username. User cards will also include follow button.
  • Improved notifications
  • Debuts (or something like that) - a list of very first photos from people that just started their projects - this will make it easier to welcome new community members ;)
  • Improved photo page (a lot of tweaks here)
  • Simplified interface, we're getting rid of a lot of unnecessary stuff
  • Improved mobile version
  • Brand new getting started guide

Ok, your turn now. Perhaps we missed a brilliant idea that you had. Just remember, we don't want to revolutionize anything. Only small tweaks and fixes. And of course, keep in mind, that we can't implement everything.



Bridget Braun Facebook sharing fix? Mine stopped working a couple weeks ago. It used to automatically share to Facebook when I posted, now have to do it manually. I'm not lazy, but it was just convenient :) All the above looks awesome! Can't wait for the app!

Satoshi T Improved mobile version. - Now I use android phone and tablet. Mobile version of this site (no navigation menu but drop down menu ) PHOTO menu is always "Featured". Even when I chose which menu, it is not change. and because of default is Featured, Even if I tap Featured, selected pics are same of "Following". So, I can not watch Featured pics on android device now.

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Paweł Kadysz Uhm... Check the upper right corner of the site.

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Romanos Kalamatianos Windows phone app? I know not a big market share but it would be nice.
Also maybe a favorite option on photos, and a subcategory in photos which lists the ones you favored. Not absolutely necessary, but would be nice to distinquish the ones you like from the ones you adore.

Shenandoah I think some stats charts would be cool. Maybe bar graphs - could show things like how many pics I have with each different camera type I've used, how many times I've used different tags (although I'm bad about tagging), what time of day I've taken my pics, how many of my pics have received each different number of likes and views, things like that. Not a big deal, but could be a little fun. Or maybe I'm just a geeky engineer :)

Oh, and I'd like to be able to sort my pics by number of views.

Paweł Kadysz You should checkout the Hero section for that.

Shenandoah Ah, thanks! I'll look at it more closely.

tigg Oh - I am excited!

Ian Prince Paweł, that's an impressive list of updates! Thanks! I'm looking forward to seeing them rolled out.

Nearly all of them are going to improve how I use tookapic, especially "liking photos from mosaic view".

Count be in for a photo book, yeah!

Oh, and I've started my move to iOS as you're releasing an app :)

Hmm, besides a "year ago link" as @xanda suggests, it's hard to think what else could be improved....

OK, it's almost Christmas, so here's a wish: a JSON export of all the photo data with title, tags, comments, number of views and number of likes? And a zip file download of all the photos? Hey, make that a Hero feature ;)

Michał Wawer Hello,
maybe showing title of pic next to "views likes comments"?

Bridget Braun I second this!

Comment was deleted

Chris Breitigan I would like to second this idea

Antoine Beauvillain That could be interesting, but what about photos that aren't posted at the same time ? I, for my part, often upload photos a few days late because I don't really care about the upload streak. Would a photo for day D that comes a few days after others be changed to the featured one if it tops the day D's most favorites? Could be interesting anyway. :)

tigg One thing that I really like about this site is that it feels small, special, and fairly simple. As a refugee from another similar site, I feel that site grew too much and lost some of its appeal. Just my humble observations.
I am so enjoying this site ....

Sebastian Łabędź Maybe not an idea but the in my opinion the number of views of my picture shouldn't be increased whem I'm viewing it. Just a thought.

Shenandoah Oh, yeah, agree with this. Especially if I check a picture of mine from multiple computers while I'm logged in on both (for example, sometimes I look at it on my home PC, but then bring it up on my phone when I'm out to show someone - that gives me 2 views, and it feels like cheating).

Kevin Drum This looks like a good list! So, I'm having mixed feelings about finishing my 365 project at the end of the year. I do not want to leave tookapic, but I don't want to do another 365 project. I'd rather start a 52 (weekly) project, where I have to get one really good photo each week. I wish there was a way to fit this into the tookapic framework as kind of a "level 2"/graduate project or something, but I'm probably asking too much... I don't want the site to get too complicated and more intimidating to new users.

Edit: I just noticed "only small tweaks and fixes". Sorry.

agnieszka bladzik Mobile version! - this one is nightmare recently. With the mosaic view - If the vertical photo is next to horizontal one it's so small that when i try to click on it I'm opening the authors site, I click on share on FB, but not the photo like I wanted. You prioritized iOS app but what with other android? windows? I think majority doesn't use apple devices.
Achievement site. Since you locked some achievements I didn't managed to unlock any of them. have no idea what I supposed to do to achieve sth so it doesn't work as motivator like it should. Also nothing to go for in the second year.

Paweł Kadysz We decided to go with iOS first, because few months ago there were still some issues with uploading a photo from iOS device (mobile web browser). There are no issues with Android devices. The process could be improved though.

Along with simplifing tookapic we're going to fix mobile version as well. Especially the navigation and mosaic view.

Oh, and we never were about the majority. Mojority of people don't do 365 projects ;)

agnieszka bladzik ok if the mobile will work better i can go without separate app :)

FlyteWizard I don't know if this has been said, but a better talk page. Right now, it is very hard for me to see where the new comments are and which talks are new ect. Thanks :D

tigg On the advanced stats, is there a way to get directly to a particular shot? For example, you can see that you had 100 views on the 8th, but I've not yet found that I can go straight from that page to the entry for the 8th. Currently, I change screens, go into my own journal, then scroll back to the required entry.

Ian Prince ...and for advanced stats it would be nice to have them reach further into the past. 12 months ideally, even if it's monthly not daily.

Chris So excited about what you have coming up :-)

Maciek Korsan "Zero" version for critical situations ;)
It should include simpliest login + upload functions with minimal amount of data/scripts.
When I was abroad and had no WIFI connection I had to upload photo using roaming data plan (and it's a lot of money for every MB)

Ian Prince Yeh, I've been in that situation too. Maybe a "publish via email" option for those situations?

Grace yes that would be so good, I was having a lot of trouble uploading a photo in an airport the other day.

Jesse Lind WOW! So many new update coming! Awesome! I can't wait for them to start coming out!

agnieszka bladzik I suggest to work on email notifications. i just canceled my hero subscription and I got email "Do you have what it takes to become a tookapic Hero? You’ve uploaded your tenth, yes tenth pic to tookapic and you’re feeling epic!" 1. you should ask why i canceled not telling me that I took 10th photo so maybe i should go buy hero. 2. I didn't upload my 10th photo ;)

Paweł Kadysz Sorry about that. You got the message because you upgraded before we even set up that email, so now that you downgraded, tookapic thought you never got that message and sent you one. It's fixed now and shouldn't happen again.

tania Could we add a "search field", don't know how to say it in English, the square with the loupe ;), to look for someone's project ? For instance, someone we wouldn't have seen the last 3 ou 4 pictures, someone we know the name, to go directly to his/her profile ?

Paweł Kadysz We've got this:
Not on the mobile web version though.

Ian Prince And on mobile you can try

Or bookmark you favorite projects ;)

tania Works well thanks !

Romanos Kalamatianos Well that's up to the design team to decide, if it would be a feature. But I think the easiest solution would be not to take into account photos that are uploaded 2 days after the day in question, so basically it would take into account streak photos.

Paweł Kadysz That's exactly how it works now and we don't plan to change that.

Bridget Braun Sorry i know I sound like a broken record now, but i really miss the Facebook sharing feature. I have it set to Post to Facebook when I post, but it never works. And then I try to share it on the pic to FB it says Page not Found. Is this on your radar at all? A lot of my FB friends are interested in my project but its hard to share it with them :(

Comment was deleted

Michał Wawer Hello,
is there any way to know what is weekly theme before I open upload window? And if not, can I ask you please to place it somewhere "lower" in site scheme?
Thanks :)

Paweł Kadysz Of course.
1. We send out new weekly theme in the newsletter, every Tuesday.
2. We announce the theme every Monday on our blog.

Michał Wawer fast and furious... thanks :)

Shenandoah If you're still taking requests, here's one I'd like to see that I think would be relatively easy :)
In the list of people I'm following it says location, when they joined, number of photos, followers, etc. I'd like to see "date of last photo" in the list as well (maybe right under "Started").
I was just browsing my list today, and realized that several of the people I'm following have not posted anything in 10+ months. But I have to click on each user individually to find that out. Yeah, I could do some estimations based on the start date, number posted, and in a row numbers - but it would be easier to have it right there, so I could easily see who is no longer active here.
It would also be nice to see the completed indication next to those who have.

Satoshi T I have simple request.
In Activity page, now I can filter activities but now I can't select "reply".
Please add filter "Replied".

vonwafeln I think that Publish Services plugin for Lightroom would be useful.

tania I think it's great that on our profils, we can see the titles of the photo. On the "recent" and "popular" sections, I regret we cannot see anymore the numbers of the comments. Because I find comments are what make this community interesting.

Satoshi T It's upgraded now! the Number of comments displayed! Thanks, @Paweł

Paweł Kadysz Thank @Kacper he's the one who added that feature :)

Satoshi T Thank you very much @Kacper !

Ian Prince Way to go Kasper :)

tania Great !! Thanks @Paweł and Kasper ! You're so good at trying to respond to our requests.... that's why we love Tookapic :)

Satoshi T Many many new members registered including same first name.
so, when I use @Paweł , tookapic system can't list-up Paweł Kadysz.
How do I to mention someone?

Paweł Kadysz You need to actually select the user you want to mention from the list that pops up when you start to type the @username

Ian Prince And if I remember correctly the member linking works in the comments, but not the photo description....

Aaron When you start following people, the tookapic logo link in the navigation bar switches from Popular to Following. You should have the option. :)

Paweł Kadysz That's exactly how it works :)

Aaron Yeah, I mean that you should be allowed to choose where the logo link leads to. I actually liked it going to the Popular page, I didn't expect it to change when I followed someone. :)

I would actually prefer it took me to Recent though!

Paweł Kadysz Put your mouse over the "Photos" link and it'll take wherever you want :)

Ian Prince And if you're on a tablet, say an iPad mini, you can get much more of the menu bar (such as the Photos link and the search box) by rotating into landscape :)

Bridget Braun Sorry if this has been mentioned lately but are there any updates on an iOS app?

Jarosław Puszczyński 1. Achievements aren't mobilizing me. The next thresholds are just to big. In most cases next "points to reach" are 10 or 100 times bigger then last ones. So the gap is too big and it takes a lot of time to reach it. Speaking mathematically ;) thresholds grow exponentially instead of linear (e.g. should be twice big as previous one).
2. When creating book I'd like to mark (or delete form list) pics that I'm sure I not used them in book (because they are bad, ugly etc.)

Kevin Drum I'd like to suggest a way to encourage constructive criticism. On deviantArt, there is a premium feature where artists can request critiques (see for an example). Maybe tookapic can have a similar setting for each picture, or maybe an account-level setting, that displays a message stating that the photographer is open to receiving constructive criticism in the comments? I just think that's one area for improvement on tookapic: improving our photography by discussion of the images themselves. I've wanted to post some tips on others' photos before, but I was afraid to offend.

Ian Prince I like the idea Kevin, thanks for putting it forward.

I know I've learned quite a bit through constructive criticism of my photos. Thats's not always easy on my overblown ego of course ;)... but better for my photography in the long term certainly.

Like you I'm afraid to offend, especially as every one here is so friendly and respectful. It would be a shame to lose that.

Maybe one line of thought is to combine, like in the second comment of the example you give, what one finds well done ("I really like the smile on your subject"), with what one finds could be improved ("I find the blown highlights distracting").....

I'm interested to hear what others might think on this tricky subject.

Bridget Braun It would be really cool if you could flag one of your photos that you'd like feedback on and maybe all the flagged photos go into a filter similar to "popular, recent, theme, etc" and that's where you could go to give feedback. To be honest, not all my photos are open to receiving feedback... when it's been a busy day and it's late and all you want to do is sleep, you take that "streak" photo, that pesky, albeit necessary streak photo. I don't need feedback on my streak photos, I know they aren't good. What I'm talking about are those photos that are more experimental that you would like to know how to do better.

Sometimes I write in my description or comments that i'd like some feedback on how to make a photo better, but that's not always seen by those willing to offer critiques :)

Ian Prince Yeah, I see what you mean! It's sometime hard enough just posting a photo every :)

You suggestion of an "open to critique" flag (off by default, lol) is an excellent one.

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T As far as I know, no way to do it.
I think that the private direct messages can do, and it is a double-edged blade.
If you want to do really, I think you do in other SNS both person belongs.

Phil Lamb I understand the reasoning behind only allowing posts for "Today" and "Yesterday", however during the warmer months I tend to spend a few days away from any internet access on backpacking trips. While I take photos every day on those trips, I'd lose my "days in a row" if I waited until I got back to civilization to post my pictures.

Maybe some sort of "Vacation Mode" that would lock you out from posting for X days but then allow you to post X pictures (one for each day) at the end of the time period and maintain your days-in-a-row count?

Paweł Kadysz We thought about the "vacation mode" a lot and we figured it would only bring more confusion so we decided not to add that feature. However, you can hide your "In a row" number from your profile if it bothers you.

Phil Lamb Thanks for the quick response! It'd be nice to be able to keep that number high, but I can definitely see how it could be confusing. One of the things I do really appreciate about tookapic is that it is very simple and user friendly!

Eugene Alexeev Google+ sharing would be welcome. They have robust photo communities that could be enticed to use if they were exposed to it.

Jagoda Pucilowska Hi everyone,
I am shocked by how much we want, just enjoy
great place to be

Aaron Perhaps it would be nice to have a way to pin or highlight a photograph of your own. Not every day's photographs are of the same quality, and you might want to showcase your personal favourite(s). :)

Or a handful of photographs, such as your favourite from the week or fortnight.

Shenandoah While I agree that it might be nice to showcase some of your personal favorites, I have to say, one thing I've learned here is to be open to experimenting. I've had some "streak" photos, or some photos where I was just playing around trying something new and didn't particularly like the result - that ended up getting a ton of likes! Sometimes you might be surprised by what others enjoy.

Paweł Kadysz We're working on something similar.

Daniel Zaleski I find the browsing and viewing images a little awkward. E.g. once I open the photographers profile and open one of his images, it would be nice to be able to see and move to another picture.
The same should be possible in the photo gallery = once I open an image, let me go to the older / newer photos by clicking on the thumbnails or by pushing left / right keys.

Paweł Kadysz Have you tried to do just that on a photo page? I mean using the arrow keys.

Daniel Zaleski Hi Pawel, yes I tried and it somehow didn't work (maybe the lines were very busy). I tried it right now and after several key strokes it worked ... sorry for the confusion. Problem is on my side. (I also noticed left and right arrows on the photo page as well, silly me)

Michael Gatton Is there a way to reformat the pages so there isn't a "bias" against vertical pictures? They appear tiny compared to horizontal, and panoramas even more so.

Paulina M Paweł, how about a forum? Maybe there could be a section where someone posts a photo and asks for feedback and ways of imrovement?
And maybe something for all those people who want to know each other. Some off topic section.

Paweł Kadysz We have that. Actually this discussion is happening on a forum, we just called Talks, instead of "Forum" :)

Paulina M How come I haven't seen those categories before :D You're right, sorry:)

Michael Gatton Have you considered a voluntary rating system à la F-stoppers 1-5 Where:
2-needs work
5-world class
Users could have a choice of simple likes or ratings...ratings could require a constructive or explanatory comment (like amazon does it).

Aaron Perhaps in the 'Talks', it would be more appropriate to either show the last post time/date/person, or both the creator and last.

agnieszka bladzik @Paweł you schouln't drink and design ;p it's confusing that not liked photos are now with read harts and liked with grey. Coments i think schould be more exposed than camera that was used to take the pic. just my opinion

Paweł Kadysz Give it a week.

Aaron He's right though from a usability/familiarity perspective. Users will typically scan from left to right and expect the dynamic content (comments in this case) to be central. Secondary information is what's to the periphery.

Daniel Zaleski I like the new design and organisation of the page. Good work. However I totally agree with Agnieszka = the red heart is confusing. Just a while ago, I wished to fave a photo. I was sure that I didn't see it before and the red heart confused me - I thought it was already liked by me, strange. Then I clicked the red heart and then again the grey heart and I understood it. Really confusing.

Daniel Zaleski One more problem: when I click on the left / right arrows in the photo filmstrip below the current displayed photo, it moves to another direction = clicking on the lefft arrow should logically move to the picture on the left side from the current picture but it moves to the right (older photo ... therefore arrow to the left I guess, but it does not match with the filmstrip).

Jennifer Agreed, this confused me so much! I kept thinking I had messed up each time I clicked it and finally just started clicking on the photo I wanted to see in the filmstrip preview rather than the buttons. This answers that question for me. :p

Daniel Zaleski @Paweł - why do I see very old photos in the Photos-Following listing? There were always the last pictures published by the people I follow. Now I see photos from November and December 2015 mixed with the current photos. Strange.

Dominik Osyczka Hey @Paweł, great work! Love the changes and it's everything pretty nice!

But I found a little bug. In "Themes" section the first one is marked as "This week theme", but if we change the page while browsing previous themes you can see that the first theme from the second or any other page has the same mark as well. You probably didn't noticed that.

I have one suggestion too. There is a lot of replies here so maybe someone has already suggest it to you, but it would be awesome, if users would be able to follow trends marked by current tag as simple as they can follow other users. For example lets follow tag "socks" so every photo (no matter I follow the author or not) with this tag is now on my home page. What do you think about it?

Dominik Osyczka I hit the return button to quickly and I have no idea if you saw my edit with the main information or only the first sentence. So I decided to mark you again. Here we go: @Paweł ;-)

Paweł Kadysz Got it :)

agnieszka bladzik can you think of designing less disturbing watermark. sometimes this giant logo on the middle destroys whole photo ;)

Paweł Kadysz We've tested more than 6 different versions of the watermark. This is the least annoying we came up with. I guess we could make it smaller and put it in one of the corners of the photo, but it'll make the pic easier to steal.

agnieszka bladzik sth like creative market may be, small logos in few places? i don't know, just thinking out loud :)