Tookawalk Cracow #2


Hi, fellow Tookapicers. Our +Tookawalk Cracow #1! was a small success and the beginning of... well, a serie, that did not work out in 2017.

Soooo.... let's do it again! We're talking about a meeting for a long time already, and I'd like to suggest a weekend month from now - 13/14.01.2018. We can meet for a coffee or a hot chocolate in the morning (11:30 a.m. is still considered as 'morning', but days are short), go for some shootout, maybe for a dinner together... or hide from a frosty day to play some board games 😀 But I'm sure everyone will take photos of the others, so let's keep our options open.

We can also do it on 6th of January, since it's a day free of work (and Saturday anyway), or You might vote for a different date - there's a link for a short questionnaire.

Soooo.... what do You think? 😀

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