Tookawalk Cracow #2

Tookawalk Kraków #2 (01/2018)
Let's decide, when do we meet?

Hi, fellow Tookapicers. Our was a small success and the beginning of... well, a serie, that did not work out in 2017.

Soooo.... let's do it again! We're talking about a meeting for a long time already, and I'd like to suggest a weekend month from now - 13/14.01.2018. We can meet for a coffee or a hot chocolate in the morning (11:30 a.m. is still considered as 'morning', but days are short), go for some shootout, maybe for a dinner together... or hide from a frosty day to play some board games :) But I'm sure everyone will take photos of the others, so let's keep our options open.

We can also do it on 6th of January, since it's a day free of work (and Saturday anyway), or You might vote for a different date - there's a link for a short questionnaire.

Soooo.... what do You think? :)


vividcolourfabric I'm going to be tomorrow, so probably nah. :\

Kazziz In Cracow? :)

Kazziz :))))) thank You for Your visit!

vividcolourfabric It was my pleasure. Really. 😊

Magda Ko This going to be very nice celebration of @Kazziz 's birthday

Kazziz Shhhh...

Magda Ko too late :P

torero I'm in! :)

ponzu I think it's a great idea and we should try to replicate it worldwide at some point. Question: the main output of a photowalk, to me, is a series of photos by each participant, which are fun to contrast and compare, since people take photos of the same things and places, but differently. If you do the TookaWalk, how will you share the output with the rest? Or will you be content with posting one photo each and letting the rest perish in obscurity?

vividcolourfabric Well, I don't think so. That's what Instagram is for. Perfectly made as a storage for other photos that weren't so "perfect" (I don't know how to tell that, you know what I mean) to appear on tookapic.

ponzu Instagram? What a strange first choice. I thought you would say Google+ or Flickr. What I really want is a Tookapic feature allowing to upload additional photos or to seamlessly link albums on external sites, such as Flickr or Google+. I suppose we can already do that in Talks, and our Flickr accounts are linked to our profiles. But that's not the same as publishing "extra" photos to go with your photo of the day.

Kazziz I'd rather say "blog", but we can still make a shared album or a common dropbox :)

ponzu Yes, blog! That's it!

Ian Prince Tempting :)

Kazziz haha, if You'd come, I wouldn't believe until I tweak Your cheek ;)

agnieszka bladzik yeah for me as well.

Ian Prince I'll have to tweak my cheek too :)

Kazziz Calling to arms: auntie @Ewa, @Paweł, @Michał, @klaudyna, @kasiek and @pgrab, @Miwsher, @izu, @Szymon... and of course our last year's team: @jagucze_s8vuaig @tomwisniewski @edwardcolody @kieru - under this post You may tag anyone else You know from Cracow, or who would come to meet and greet :)

Robert Kowalski I may be also interested in. ;)

Ewa Kudlaty I will be there :-)

Kazziz <3

klaudyna schubert I'm in! 13/14 would be probably better for me (if it's better for everyone) :)

Daniel Zaleski If you make it 13./14.01. I could make it and I really would like to go and meet you.

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Szymon Maciejczyk 13/14 would be better, on 6th I am booked :)

Kazziz Yeah, I also thought so. So I think 13/14 (or from 13 to 14, You never know where the party will lead You) it is

Miwsher Wow! Great idea! @izu @Michał :3

Michał Smorowski I'm in! Probably... but mostly I'm in ;)

Miwsher Hmm.. :D

tania Fantastic English talk ! Thanks a lot ! Wish you a great meeting !

Kazziz It definitely will be one.

Paweł Te for now this date seems to be ok for me:)

pgrab 13/14 fine for me. FYI, I am sure, that a week later I am booked

Kazziz Seems like we're going to book a big place for that morning coffee ;)

Tomasz Wiśniewski I'm obviously up for it!

Magda Ko only active users are allowed :P @Tomasz I am waiting for your photos, come back to us.

Kazziz we're not inviting @365selfiesofkazzi, he stopped after 200 photos. ;)

Magda Ko maybe he can catch up to show up on tookawalk?

agnieszka bladzik booked a flight for Friday 12, will be there most likely, anybody willing to guest me? ;) still need to figure out come back to gdynia

Magda Ko Agnieszka you have flight from KRA to GDA on sunday evening as far as I remember.

agnieszka bladzik i know i did not figure out if come back with plane train etc.

agnieszka bladzik plane it is :) staying til Sunday evening in Krakow

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Kazziz seems like 13 is more likely.

Michał Grosicki @anoczka If you decide, are you flying or driving? I wonder about the trip to Krakow. We could join forces :) It would fit me better on January 13th. And you?

Marta Kalina Everything points that during this weekend (13/14) I also will be in Cracow :)

Kazziz Everything falls into right places. Yayyy!

Daniel Zaleski I will book the whole day (13.01.18) in my diary :)

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Michał Grosicki I agree, quite a nice aerial connection and relatively inexpensive :)

makebate Anyone goes from Gliwice/Katowice? I wonder if I will be able to go back at the same day (13)

Kazziz last Inter/Unibus departs at 20:50 :) but there is always an option to stay at my place.

Łukasz Brożek PM sent.
I wanna go for that day to Cracow so we can go together. :P

makebate Hah, nice. I am still not sure, but I will let you know ;)

Kazziz there is always a big (and surprisingly comfortable) couch at my place, so I can offer a place to sleep for at last two people.

Tomasz W I'm still considering this trip ;)

makebate yeah, I am still counting on you :)

Kazziz Details incoming:
I'm thinking about an hour to meet. If I say 10 o'clock, and ultil 11 we sit, meet, drink hot chocolate - will it be ok?
Also, meeting place - as last year, Cafe Magia right next to Kościół Mariacki / Mały Rynek, they have space for ~18 people in their biggest room, should be enough - but if You have a better idea, feel free to speak up!
Anybody wants to see a particular place while in Cracow? I'm working hard on ideas for our route.
And - 609727321 is my number, feel free to call&text if You're lost in Cracow.

Daniel Zaleski I think it will be very helpful if you can share your tips where to park our cars - ideally free of charge. Depends on the meeting location. I have some well tested places but these may be quite far far away.

Kazziz Free of charge: during the weekend there is no paid parking zone. I always try to catch something around Stary Kleparz / Plac Matejki OR Św. Gertrudy / Sarego / Bogusławskiego. You may also try Koletek / Smocza / Bernardyńska.

Szymon Maciejczyk got your number bro

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Michał Grosicki I regret to say that I do not :( I have to be 13th in Warsaw. The next time I can do it.

Kazziz I think about next tookawalk, Spring, Warsaw.

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Kazziz It's next week! Keep Your fingers crossed for good weather!

For now plan looks like this: we meet at 10, wait for latecomers until 11, then we go for a walk around the Old Town. It should take us an hour to get to Wawel Castle, or even longer...

then we may go for a pizza to Forum Przestrzenie, what do You guys think?
Edit: it might be crowded - but if it doesn't work out, we may go to some other place, for ex. Warsztat (Miodowa/Bożego Ciała)

Szymon Maciejczyk My wife asked me today about this meeting." So you will be drinking there ? You staying for night or what, let we plan something" I said "What ?! We meet before noon and what are you thinking about us ?! We are just a few people who love to take photos. We don't need alcohol to have fun !" ... but, do we ? ;)

Szymon Maciejczyk should I book something ? :p

Kazziz I was thinking about it. We may go for a dinner toghether (Forum Przestrzenie Pizza+beer?), then split (or go together to see Cracow from above - Kopiec Kraka?)... and meet again for a beer in the evening. And party till the morning :)

Kazziz Replying to myself: Forum Przestrzenie is closed until 14.01, so we'll have to choose another place to go :)

Jakub Szymański Ou... I found this topic just now.. What a pity... I planned bicycle trip for that weekend but if the weather will be poor I think I will join.

Daniel Zaleski I got an approval from my great great wife today! I will be there. I can pick up somebody on a route Cieszyn -
Bielsko - Wadowice - Krakow.

Daniel Zaleski Just one quick question for clarification - we meet at "Café Bar Magia" right? Not the "Magia Cafe Bistro"

Kazziz Cafe Bar Magia right next to Main Square/St. Mary's Basilica (exactly next to the back of the church)

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agnieszka bladzik hehe me too, i'm landing late on Friday in Krakow, but i will try to not be late

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agnieszka bladzik this is my main worry as well

agnieszka bladzik I’ve made it, big thanks to @Kazziz thanks to whom I did not got stuck on airport 🙏

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Jakub Szymański 13 or 14? Please put the date and the spot in the main message if you deicide for one. There is a chance that I'll be free on 14th even if I'll go cycling. :)

Kazziz 13, it's set for over a month. But on 14th we can meet as well :)

Robert Kowalski Everyone. :)
Could you please summarize somehow what has been agreed?
Thanks! Enjoy the evening. ;)

Kazziz We're meeting in the morning (10-11) at Cafe Magia, we go for a walk... we might go for some food later, then we split. And in the evening we can meet for a beer at Tytano complex @Dolnych Młynów

Robert Kowalski Great! :) One more thing - we sticked with Saturday (13.01), right? :D

Kazziz Yea

Kazziz Guys, we meet in 34 hours! My final last words - keep Your fingers crossed for the weather!

And I'd like to tell You, that in the evening (around 8 p.m., I think) I'm going for a beer to Hala Główna (TYTANO, Dolnych Młynów 12) with You.

agnieszka bladzik i'm in ;) i guess i will confirm once landed ;)

Kazziz Reservation made, 7 p.m.

Daniel Zaleski Bardzo bardzo bardzo mi przykro, ale jutro nie moge przyjechac. Zachorowalem i az do ostatnie chwili myslalem, ze sie w koncu uda. Niestety zdrowie nie pozwoli ... Zycze super udanego dnia.

Kazziz Zdrowiej szybko! Jeszcze się spotkamy :)

torero Hi guys, unfortunately I haven't managed to get to the meeting :/ Have a good time and good photos!

Ian Prince Have fun everyone! Which I could be there to join in!

Kazziz Till next time, my friend!

Ian Prince Yeah! 3 is my lucky number too! Looking forward to see the pics you all take 😁

Kazziz Some are already there, look for #tookawalk hashtag

Ewa Kudlaty More photos from this day you can see on my blog

Ian Prince Great pics 😁

Marta Kalina It was Great Day! 😊 Thank you @Kazziz and all of You!!! 😄😊 @jagucze_s8vuaig @kasiek @pgrab @Szymon @Ewa @Robert @Paweł @klaudyna @agnieszka @Avianka ... I missed somobody? There were so mamy of us!!! See you soon next Time!

Kazziz @Edward had a small cameo with his friend as well:)

kasiek do zobaczenia następnym razem :D

pgrab Thank you! It was a pleasure to meet you :D

Szymon Maciejczyk Thank you guys. It was a great pleasure to meet you all. We should do it more often, but maybe in some warmer time :) :*

Kazziz I agree to both suggestions.

kasiek czyli nie wracasz do nas już dzisiaj? :D

Szymon Maciejczyk no co Ty ... wiesz jak mi tu ciepło ;p

kasiek a masz rosół? :D

Szymon Maciejczyk ... i kalesony

pgrab Greetings for Your Wife :D

Szymon Maciejczyk thank you ! :D

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Magda Ko I am happy you had a great time. Is there any hashtag for tookawalk?

Marcin K. @Kazziz (New)
"Some are already there, look for #tookawalk hashtag"
1 hour ago

Kazziz We did - and I h(u/y)gged @Ewa as promised :)))

Magda Ko i can count on you, always <3

Ewa Kudlaty Was it from @Magda? not from you? .... :-(

Ewa Kudlaty Thank you @Magda!

Magda Ko As faf as I know Jacek from both of us :)

Ewa Kudlaty I hope :-)

Kazziz the first one, when You entered Magia, was from @Magda - but the others were from the bottom of my heart

agnieszka bladzik I’m still in Kraków today if anybody would like to join me on my photowalk or coffee

Kazziz I just want to let You know, that @Hanna is in Cracow for the weekend - anybody wants to go for a tea Friday evening? And - I'm planning to go to World Press Photo to NCK on Saturday, around 13-14 :)