Can you help promote the idea of 365 Projects today?

Happy new year everyone!

Many of you started 365 projects on January 1st. 365 is pretty much the perfect new year's resolution. Today is the "hottest" day for Tookapic. I would appreciate your help in spreading the idea of daily photo taking.

How you can help?

Share your story on social media. Tell your friends about your 365 project and how it helped you. Attach a link to

Share any of those links:

Thank you for your help. Let me know in the comments if you shared any of the links.

I wish you all the best in 2019!



Ian Prince Product Hunt + Twitter: done

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Viola Qniej of course, like every year - on FB :)

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Aleksandra Z Done! :)

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Jan Buchta Posted on Twitter

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craig Shared on facebook

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Michael Gatton Don't have many followers, but I tweeted ( @NorCarExpat )
Happy New Year!

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Comment was deleted

Kateli Done on Facebook !!!!

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LIDO OK, Happy New Year !

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Marcin K. I played with Instagram and Twitter. I wish it helped at least a little bit....

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Joe Fortin All the time. Normally face-to-face.