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What should every newcomer know about Tookapic and 365 Projects?

I'll be sending this thread to every new member who joins our community. So why don't you post the best advice you can think of for a person who plans to start their 365 journey.

Looking forward to reading your advice.


vividcolourfabric You being here, either ready to take over a world of photography, or just to take a pic of today's lunch, is the greatest step of the whole journey. The key is to have some small milestones on the road like 10th pic or a whole week of pics taken with a weekly theme in mind. Then, out there on the horizon, think about the big finale - 365th photo.

Joe Fortin It's not a competition. It is not about getting the most likes, or followers, or anything.

What tookapic is, is a tool to help you achieve your 365 Project.

Phillip Flores Do not be discouraged when there are days that you are not inspired and have to settle for a "streak" photo.
Try not to compare yourself with others, remember that some of the people here in Tookapic have been taking photos daily for more than three years.
Patience and perseverance.
Learn from the others i.e. if you find a photo interesting and would like to do something similar check out the settings used as a starting point.
It is not the end of the world if you actually miss a day, sometimes there are reasons for it.

Dominique The best camera is the camera you have available.

Lots of people use their phone cameras. Use whatever camera you have and don't worry too much.

jokele I'm just watching a video from Sean Bagshaw and I think one sentence fits perfect here: "Progess is coming from having fun, not taking it too seriously and practising a lot"