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Community Update #1 (10/03/2019)

I'm starting weekly Community Update series to... well update you with the current state of Tookapic and share anything that might be interesting to you.

But with this thread I also want to know what have you been up to?

This is also a good place to ask random questions about photography or Tookapic.

So welcome to Tookapic's Community Update #1.


New weekly theme

Next week's theme is Brands. An easy one this week. Hunt for logos, brand names & trademarks or anything related to your favorite brand. Starting Monday 11/03/2019.


Tookapic Updates

Released last week:

  • New landing page (visit when logged out or in incognito mode to see it) - would love to read your feedback.
  • Why Page. You can post your feedback on this one here.

What are we working on now:

  • Badges - we've got most of them ready.
  • Photobooks Editor -@Kasper has been working hard on that. Hopefully we'll get it up and running soon.


Cool stuff


What's up?

What have YOU been up to last week? What are you working on? What are you struggling with? Found anything that might be interesting to other members? Maybe you took a photo you're particularly proud of. Share it! Share it all!

Have a great week!


Paweł Kadysz Ok, so I'll start. I've been on a #streakpic... streak for couple of weeks now. I know exactly why that happens. I'm focusing on work stuff and photography is somewhere in the background. It is frustrating. But I know I need to wait for it to pass. It's not the first time and not the last one I've been on a streak pic streak.

I'm tempted to do another series like I did with @D. but obviously I won't revive that character. I'm looking for ideas and inspiration. Maybe something with kids photography. That would be challenging.

I'm also working on some secret Tookapic update I haven't told anyone about yet. Just need to polish the design.

Basia I can't say whether it's my discovery this week or the last two weeks. Just one afternoon I came to the thought that photography is my freedom, it's time, space where nobody and nothing forces me. If I allow someone or something to affect my photograph, this is my choice. It's a great feeling. Besides, I have a growing hunger for people in my photos, but there is still don't no where and how. I need to look around for some people;)

Paweł Kadysz Yeah, I also feel I take not enough photos of people.

Jennifer This week I started the process of signing papers to move into a new place, where I'll need to buy a few big appliances for (fridge, wash/dry, etc). So I have to put off buying the camera I've had my eye on. As a compromise, I got a nicer phone than I usually would have (my old one was dangerously close to dying) to hold me over, one with a notably excellent camera. I'm excited to try it out, and to have a new area to explore and get some pics of! :D

vividcolourfabric Maybe not last week but last month I made this Unfortunately, text's in Polish so you've been warned.

120mr Great! So much work! Going through the holiday pictures takes ages to me. Or eternity...

Wiecznie Zielony I need to find a compromise between riding my bike (home<->work) and taking pictures. I like my DSLR but it's a bit struggle to stop, take camera out of my bag, take picture, put it back... Any advise? suspenders? compact camera?

FlyteWizard Do you have easy access to your phone during your journeys? I've been taking pictures with my phone for over a year now, and even though there are trade offs, it's much easier (at least to me) for taking daily pictures.

Or you can get a front basket for your bike? And put your camera there?

120mr On the everyday bike I use my phone. It isn't bad, it convinced me to get know the phone camera. But I miss the DSLR then. As @dominique said - the basket would be helpful.

120mr I hope that it will be a long series! I miss a little bit the blog and mails. Thanks for the links and photobooks editor in the future :D

I was on a small photographic trip to Śnieżka this weekend, hoping to take some picture of weather station. I didn't have any luck - the conditions weren't good. But I have other pics. Not pics of my dreams, but tookapic learned me that it's fine, those pics are great too. :P So I'm happy anyway.