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little kakapo

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Hi everyone, just an update that little kakapo is going to Norway next. For anyone who doesn't know, last year I started a project where I mailed a toy on to a fellow tookapic member, who then passed it on to the next person on the list and the next. Each person's task was to take photos of him with local well known scenery or landmarks. I would like to ask if anyone wants to join in who lives where he hasn't been before?

The last sign up form was more than a year ago and I think a lot of people are no longer on tookapic or maybe have new addresses or might not be interested as it has taken so long... It has taken a lot longer than I thought for him to get around to everyone but he has been to a lot of places so far!

So far he has been to Australia: Sydney Poland: Wroclaw, Znin, Bialystok, Gdynia, Tczew, Krakow, Katowice Iceland Portugal: Porto Switzerland: Nyon, Ittigen, Aigle, Bursinel, St-Prex Spain: León Czech Republic: Prague Germany: Minden Netherlands: Leeuwarden

Here is the sign up form. goo.gl/forms/wXYLqAz8li2NiL0g1

I know some people who haven't received him yet but signed up last time are still interested, would you be able to let me know you are still interested or fill out the form again?



Satoshi T I filled out the form too. I will welcome Kakapo visiting Tokyo <3 🐥

Grace of course he must go there :)

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T Yes, they will! 🐥😻

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Darek I also filled out the form. From Warsaw to Legionowo is close, if Kakapo will come to Warsaw, then I can pick him up personally. In addition, his photos will be visible on my profile and @Etherliana too: D If You don't mind.

Chris G Gotta come to America!!!

Bridget Braun I filled out the form last time, he still needs to come to Canada!!!

Phillip Flores He should be in Sydney for the New Year and watch the fireworks!

Phillip Flores Signed up!

Tiljans This week little kakapo flew from Holland to Norway....so I think you need to have a little bit of patience :-).

Grace great thanks Tilja, can you email me your pics please :D

jazzie Where is little kakapo now? Did he get lost? He was here at Grindelwald with me exactly one year ago!

Kazziz AFAIK @Jennifer just got him! "Look who's arrived!"

jazzie Oh, I see. Thanks! 😊

agnieszka bladzik any news on Kakpo travel?

Satoshi T once @Jennifer sent Kakapo to me, but he seems to have returned. I informed Jennifer my address again and she should have shipped again. Now Kakapo has not reached me yet...

Grace Anything yet @Satoshi

Satoshi T @agnieszka , Yesterday Little Kakapo arrived my house! He will be traveling around Japan for a while!

agnieszka bladzik great to hear that :D

ponzu Hard to believe the little kakapo has not been to the United States yet. Shall we correct this oversight?

Satoshi T Little Kakapo arrived to U.S. in Feb.2018 : "Look who's arrived!" and he departed from U.S. in Jun.2018.😄

ponzu @Grace should update the top post then. I guess I missed my chance. Let him travel Asia for a while, save the fuel

Grace @ponzu not sure if I can actually do that, but anyway that update was from more than a year ago