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Feed is now available for all users. Not everything is showing up yet (we need to optimize it for that) but the core features of the feed are now available for all of you.

It's easier to discover new photos, like, star and comment on them. Keep track of debuts and new pics in weekly themes. It's easier to find people and to follow and track your progress. And it's now all possible from one single page.

That's why made the Feed the homepage. Going to will take you straight to the Feed. But of course you can change that in your account settings - just switch Default Homepage to "Photos" and tookapic will work the old way.


  • Kasper Mikiewicz

    +1 for making it an option

      • pgrab

        nice new features. Thanks to them people can view more categories. Pic of a day? Superb!...but facebook-like feed is a "no no no no no no" for me. It's so time consuming to scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll...but I am just a facebook hater . Great that the feed is optional.

        • Phillip Flores

          Thanks! Very nice.

          • Daniel Zaleski

            I already like to go to the feed page even before you made it standard starting page and like it a lot, for all the reasons you made. Good job!

                • ponzu

                  "User X

                  Added a photo to the journal"

                  simply means "posted the daily photo", correct?

                  Or is there some journal that I am missing out on?

                  • Paweł Kadysz

                    Yes. Posted a daily photo. That might actually be better description of user action. We'll change it tomorrow. Thanks!

                    • ponzu

                      I kind of like "Added a photo to the journal". Now I know that what I am doing here is updating a journal.

                      I even wanted to ask the other day if we might get a blog feature where we could make posts about the photos we took. Then I realized that posting a daily photo with a description and comments is more or less a photoblog in and by itself. Photoblog or journal, either one works for me.

                      It is still one image a day, right? I am not missing anything? Even for ☆☆☆ users?

                    • Paweł Kadysz

                      Yes. This will probably never change. It's about one photo a day.

                • Satoshi T

                  Question: In the past, 'feed' consumed server resources and Tookapic's response slowed down. Is it no danger that performance problems will occur even if everyone sets feed as a start page now?

                  • Urszula Stachowicz

                    I just want to mention that I love the "star feature". I think it's my favourite. ;) Not because we can get stars or even give, but because we have in one place all of this photos that stole our hearts. :)

                    • Przemysław Buzdygan

                      Great! :) just wanted to remind about "issue with Feed" on IE, Edge browsers. @Paweł any news on this? Maybe someone else has experienced problems with disappearing sides of the Feed (on IE and Edge)?

                      • Przemysław Buzdygan

                        I was not sure how this should look like (Im using only Edge browser), so I assumed that main Feed without sides is all functionality that it brings to users... until I reached bottom of feed and it had to reload - then I saw that there is something more on sides of Feed - what quickly disappeared when Feed has refreshed new content...

                        • Paweł Kadysz

                          This is what we're working on right now.

                      • Jan Buchta

                        Previous layout was much more minimalistic and simply - it was really good in my opinion. I just like minimal design. But the new one is impessive as well. It's modern and functional. Well done.

                        • Agnieszka MW

                          At first I wasn't a big fan of the Feed, I preferred more clean, minimalistic view, but I must admit that such easy access to the photos' titles, descriptions and comments is a great thing.

                          • Paweł Kadysz

                            We've updated the feed. It's now much more functional.

                          • vera

                            Super! Better and better!

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