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What inspired you today?

Hey everybody! I've thought several times about sharing something that inspired me and might inspire others from this community, but felt like creating new thread for it was a bit too much. Maybe it's not just me? Did you find something that impressed you, motivated you, or influenced you in any other way? Let's share it here!


Marcin Bujacz I'll start with Sacred Spaces: A series on modernist churches - very different from oldschool churches and each other, but at the same somehow similar.

Magda Korzewska i love it, thanks for sharing

Daniel Borth great ! thanks

Łukasz Wow, that's amazing

Ewa Kudlaty Great galeries! @Magda the approach is exectly what we discussed today

Dorina Höhn-Daskalova Wow, thank you for sharing !

Marcin Bujacz There's not many professional photographers that I could recognize, but I found Don Komarechka through his podcast Photo Geek Weekly and I immediately liked his stuff. He's great at macro work (snowflakes, water droplets) and likes sciency experiments (UV fluorescence, infrared). He also is open to sharing his knowledge and techniques. You can find many videos where he's just dissecting process of taking his photos step by step and he published book about snowflakes photography.

Now, he is preparing second book, this time more general about macro photography: Macro Photography: The Universe at our Feet. It is being crowd funded on kickstarter and already exceeded the goal. I encourage you to check it out:
and also check Don's work:

Łukasz Brożek Yesterday I took infrared photo "#1026" and I wanted edit it like always, but while editing I saw that blue-pink edits on Ewa Suwińska Instagram and I changed my mind. :P

Recently on one of the facebook groups about street photography someone recommend to support Mariusz Forecki's project "Mechanizm. Polska 1989-2019" and I'm very interesting to see that photo album.

Łukasz Brożek One of my favourites motorsports photographer shared a new video and I recommend it to watch. It's so inspiring.
FRAMES Chapter 2: Queen's Cup Steeplechase Horse Race

Also recommend to watch
FRAMES Chapter 1: TOTAL 24 hours of Spa Francorchamps:

Marcin Bujacz Nice. It reminded me about another automotive photographer - Larry Chen. I checked his latest video and apparently they both met at 12h of Sebring.

Rafal Series : Moving Art (Netflix)
Photographer : Daniel Kordan
FIlm : Racing Extinction
Music by Hania Rami
Book by Andrea Wulf -The invention of Nature (The adventures of Alexander von Humboldt)

Magda Korzewska I have just found out Hania Rami, as she is going to perform on Opener Festival. I am impressed, great music.

Joe Fortin For the last couple of days, it's been my new neighbors; a red fox and her three pups.

I've been looking at random fox images on Google and have come to the realization that, ya... I can do that.

Marcin Bujacz Today I found the archive of old Soviet Photography magazines. I can't read what's inside, but just looking at photos gave me some ideas.

ponzu Thank you for the link. The whole site is a tremendous resource, it's almost scary to look at what else they have.

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Marcin Bujacz Waves in slow motion. Awesome shots and almost every frame could be a great photo.

vera Brilliant! so strong...

Jaydee Clouds!

Dave Fritz The fact that I did not have an image late in the day. The moon inspired me tonight. I also learned that it is not easy to make a new, different or great image of the moon. I've got some learning to do.

tomaszt81 Dziś bardzo smutny dzień. Zmarł Tomek Zając, jeden z moich najbardziej lubianych fotografów. Mam nadzieję, że Jego sztuka pozostanie na wieki.